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Master Flow Attic Fans & Ventilation from Home Depot

Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:25 am
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Home Depot carries a wide selection of Master Flow attic fans and attic ventilation systems. If you're in need of changing the fans in your home, then checking out this selection would definitely be worth while. You can find various models of attic fans such as roof mount vents, house fans with shutters and galvanized turbines. All of these attic ventilation systems and attic fans will improve air flow in your house and reduce the temperature during warm days. Attic fans are great - they improve the air quality of your house, and they enable you to store more things on the attic without being afraid of mildew. Some people even install attic fans as an alternative to costly air conditioning systems. In other words, it's definitely something that's worth doing, and it's also a pretty affordable solution to air build up and heat: it's inexpensive to install and also cheap to run. If you don't live in a very hot area where an air conditioning system is definitely needed, then it might be sufficient to go with an attic flow in order to reduce heat build up.

So, these Master Flow attic fans would really be a great investment if you want better air flow in your house without a lot of hassle. They feature great durability and should stand up to many years worth of function. Master Flow is one good brand, however if you check out various home improvement store you might also find other options.

Master Flow Power Roof Mount Vent 1600 CFM'S (Shingle Match Weatherwood)

"Our Power Roof Vents are your best overall investment in attic ventilation. Our vents mover the greatest volume of hot and/or humid air from your attic, saving you more in heating and cooling costs than any other type of ventilation. Available in popular colors to blend with your roof."

Master Flow 24 In. Direct Drive Whole House Fan With Shutter

"Direct Drive Whole House Fans pull cool air in from outside and push hot air up and out into the attic cooling your home. These fans are designed to work with or without central ducting in houses over 1000 sq. ft."

Master Flow 1/7HP Replacement Power Vent Motor

"Designed as a replacement motor for our power roof vents. This unit is to be used with models PG1-2 and PR1-2. Replaceable Power Vent Motor for Masterflow Gable and Roof Mount Models PR1 -2 PG1-2"

Master Flow 12 In. Galvanized Turbine - Head Only

"Dual Bearing External Braced Wind Turbines are easy to install, provide years of quality performance and have passed all Dade Fla. and Texas State weather codes. 12 In. External Brace dual Bearing Wind Turbine"

These attic fans can be found at

Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:25 am
Name: masterman Comment: these replacement attic fan motors from homedepot
lasted 1 season and quit working !!

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