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Lowes Water Jet Pump WAYNE RELIANTONE Deep Well Jet System

Thu May 19, 2011 8:18 am
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If you're in need of a Water Jet Pump WAYNE RELIANTONE Deep Well Jet System, then Lowes might be worth checking out. Lowes carries a wide selection of jet pumps by Water Ace, WAYNE and ProPlumber. You can find a variety of these pumps such as deep well pumps, jet tank systems, shallow well pumps and fitting kits to mention a few products. These pumps are sturdy and made in durable materials. Lowes also carries a range of other types of plumbing products which makes it easy to take on projects like that yourself. So no matter what type of house products, building materials or appliances you're looking for, Lowes is a great store to visit as their selection is wide and their prices are reasonable.

Below you can see a few examples of these various jet systems: some of these tank systems come with a 1/2 horse power well jet pump which definitely enables a smooth flow. These units also come with a pressure gauge as well as a pressure regulator. With these home improvement stores which are popping up everywhere, it's quite easy to find these types of products which enable you to tackle projects by yourself without having to hire a professional: this can drastically cut your costs, plus it can be fun to do some of these simpler tasks. Lowes is just one of many stores, of course you could also check out Home Depot or Sears to mention a few.

Water Ace 1/2 HP Jet Tank System

"Includes 1/2 horse power deep well jet pump. 7 gallon diaphragm tank. Ejector. Foot valve. Pressure gauge. Pressure regulator. Works on wells as shallow as 25' or as deep as 80'"

WAYNE RELIANTONE 1/2 HP Deep Well Jet System

"11 gpm @ 40 psi. 6 gallon pre-pressurized tank. 30/50 psi pressure switch. 1-1/4" inlet, 3/4" discharge, 1" drive"

ProPlumber Fitting Kit

"Connects deep well jet pumps to pressure switch"

WAYNE RELIANTONE 1 HP Shallow Well Jet Pump

"14 gpm @ 40 psi. Cast iron pump. 30/50 psi pressure switch. 1-1/4" inlet, 3/4" discharge"

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