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Lowes TECSUN Hardwood Flooring

Thu May 19, 2011 8:27 am
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Nothing adds style and elegance to a home like Lowes TECSUN Hardwood Flooring. If you're looking for hardwood flooring, then Lowes is certainly worth checking out. Lowes carries a nice selection of hardwood floors by Armstrong, TECSUN, Robbins and Columbia Flooring in many different styles. You can find floors in oak, strips, maple, cherry and various compositions. These floors are really durable and should last for many years to come. Since these hardwood floors are available in many different designs, it won't be difficult to find a style that fits in with your taste and decor.

There are for instance oak plank hardwood floors, engineered cherry hardwood floors as well as handscraped walnut hardwood floors to choose between among this wide selection. Lowes hardwood flooring is a good option if you're thinking about changing your floors. It's quite amazing what a difference a new hardwood floor can make in a home: especially if you currently have an old carpet or bad vinyl floors. With hardwood floors you instantly give a home more character and style: it can brighten up a space and make it a much nicer place to be. And since there are so many different shades and wood species to choose between, it really shouldn't be too difficult to come accross something that would work just right for your home. You basically have three choices: do you want something very light and modern looking: do you prefer a warm middle shade such as oak or maple, or do you like the thought of a rather dark and warm wood floor such as a dark cherry or mahogany.

Either way, it would surely be worth it to check out Lowes for their selection of hardwood floors: they have a wide selection and competitive prices.

Armstrong Hardwood Harvest Oak Hardy Plank

"100% real solid hardwood. Install on or above grade. Installs with nails or staples only"

Columbia Flooring Smith Cherry Rustic

"5-Ply Engineered Construction. Eased Edges and Ends. Aluminum Oxide Finish"

TECSUN White Oak Handscraped Walnut

"Improves the value of your home. This floor can be glued down above grade, on grade, below grade over concrete or sub-floor with Tecsun Wood Floor Urethane Adhesive"

Robbins Halifax Hand-Sculpted Maple Tuscan Tan

"100% engineered hardwood. Installs on all levels of the home - including the basement. Rustic-beveled plank edges and ends for a custom visual"

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