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Lowes Cabot Olympic Deck Stain Flood

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:40 am
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It's important to use Cabot Olympic Deck Stain Flood, or some similar treatment for your deck so it stays protected from various weather conditions. If you're looking for deck stain, then Lowes might have something of interest. Lowes carries a nice selection of deck stains by Cabot, Olympic, Thompsons and Flood to mention a few. You can find stains in various colors and shades such as neutral, semi transparent and clear to mention a few styles. These stains are water repellent, and gives the deck a resistant finish.

Considering how much cheaper it is to do maintenance than to replace a deck, it's certainly worthwhile to look into various options and these Lowes deck stains are easy to apply as well as affordable. It really doesn't take too long to do this job and it can tremendously improve the quality of your deck if you do this every year. Once you have put in quite a bit of money into getting that deck built, it would be a shame to have it turn into a bad state too quickly. Therefore, do your research and invest in a quality stain: this Capot Olympic stain flood is one of many options on the market which could dramatically improve the look and also protect your deck against the sun, the wind and the rain.

Cabot Semi-Transparent Oil Stain Neutral Base - 5 Gallon

"Will not crack, peel or blister even under harshest weather conditions. Water repellent. Gives a mildew resistant finish. For use on wood siding, trim, fences, shingles, shakes and roofs, especially effective on rough-sawn surfaces"

Olympic 5 Gallon Olympic Maximu Semi-Transparent Stain

"Penetrating Oil Formula for our Best Protection - WaterguardPlus 2-way Protection. Advanced Sunblock U.V. protection. Exclusive Scuff Guard formula. Creates our best mildew resistant coating
Easy water cleanup"

Thompson's 5 Gallon Wood Protector Clear Preservative

"Waterproofs to prevent warping, shrinking and cracking. Prevents sun's fading. Helps prevent decay, mildew and wood rot"

Flood Gallon CWF-UV Exterior Clear Wood Finish

"Ideal for decks and siding. Protects against moisture. Restores natural beauty to weathered wood. Soap and water cleanup. Provides a mildew resistant finish"

These stains can be found at

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:40 am
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