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Louisville Attic Ladders from Home Depot

Wed May 18, 2011 2:45 pm
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If you're looking for an attic ladder, then Home Depot is a great store to check out. Home Depot, among other home improvement stores carries a wide selection of Louisville attic ladders which are great for all kinds of projects. These ladders are made in wood, and come in various sizes. No matter which model you pick, these ladders would be great to install to access your attic, and they are sturdy and durable.

You can find 8 feet wood ladders, 10 feet wood ladders and more with quality wood stairways and adjustable spring tension.  These Louisville attic ladders would certainly be worth while a look if you're in the market for a new attic ladder in wood. Some people prefer ladders in fiberglass or in metal, however wood is definitely more classic. Overall, when it comes to buying a ladder there are a few brands to consider. A Louisville ladder would be a good choice no matter what since they are always sturdy and well built.

It's pretty important to choose the right ladder for the job however. If you're simply in need of something small to have around the house in order to put up paintings, or reach something on a high shelf, then a step stool or small ladder would probably be sufficient. On the other hand, if you would like something that you could use outside or for more extensive projects, then you may need to purchase a larger unit. Either way, you should be able to find what you're looking at at Home Depot where they have a wide selection of lots of quality products.

Louisville Ladder 22.5 In. x 54 In. x 8 Ft. 9 In. Wood Attic Ladder (250 Lb. Duty Rating)

"All Louisville products withstand stringent testing requirements to satisfy quality and safety standards. Louisville products meet or exceed the safety standards set by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Louisville Ladder has focused on building quality ladders for the household, commercial and professional user groups since 1946."

Louisville Ladder 22.5 In. x 54 In. x 10 Ft. Wood Attic Ladder (250 Lb. Duty Rating)

"This Wood Attic Stairway is designed to provide access to additional storage space. Rated to 250 Lbs, each step is reinforced with a wire rod for added stregth. Accomodates ceiling heights from 8Ft 9In to 10Ft Includes installation kit with E-Z Hang Support Straps and hardware. Fits opening 22.5In wide X 54In long. 250 Lbs. load capacity (includes weight of user and tools). Quality wood stairway. Easily adjustable spring tension"

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