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Inductor & Master Flow Duct Products from Home Depot - Fans, Insulated Duct

Wed May 18, 2011 8:40 am
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If you're looking for duct products such as duct fans or insulated duct, then Home Depot might be worth checking out. Home Depot carries duct by Inductor and Master Flow. You can find galvanized steel flat sheets, in-line duct fans as well as duct booster fans which would be perfect when you're setting up your air-conditioning or heating system. These duct flow products feature 30 gauge galvanized steel, energy efficient design as well as core, vapor barrier, helix and insulation, so they are definitely complete and of high quality. 

A good duct fan or in duct product should be durable and last for years to come. So no matter what type of duct products you're looking for, you're sure to find something of interest at Home Depot since they have so many different things to choose between and their prices are pretty good too. Within this ducting selection for instance you can surely find a lot of nice products to choose between. For instance, you can purchase galvanized steel flat sheets which enable you to make your own custom fitting, you can find duct booster fans (which can be found in various sizes to accommodate different sized ducts) along with an array of many other things. 

Master Flow 6 In. Metalized R6 Insulated Flexible Duct (F6IFD Series)

"The Master Flow F6IFD Series is UL-approved to create safe, reliable branch lines in HVAC systems. Master Flow insulated duct consists of 4 parts: core, vapor barrier, helix and insulation. Combined, these features result in strong, long-lasting and efficient flexible duct. Indoor use only."

Master Flow 24 In. X 36 In. Galvanized Steel Flat Sheet - 12 Per Carton

"Make your own custom fittings! They can be cut to any size for any application and those tough-to-fit jobs. Available in 30 gauge galvanized steel and two sizes. Always seal seams with building code approved sealant or duct tape. Can be cut to size for any application."

Inductor 6 In. In-Line Duct Booster Fan

"Fits 6 In. flexible & rigid ducts. Crimp & bead on one end for easy installation. Can operate on less than 4 a day! Designed to be energy efficient. Thermally protected Class B motor will not overheat, for maximum safety. Motor has large oil reservoir for quiet, long life."

Inductor 4 In. In-line Duct Fan

"This versatile 4 In. In-line fan can boost airflow by up to 80 cfm. For convenient installation the housing is crimped on both ends. The fan runs on 110 volt household current and efficiently uses 30 watts of electricity."

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