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Home Depot Residential Circuit Breaker

Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:10 am
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If you're looking for Home Depot Residential Circuit Breaker or a transfer switch, then Home Depot is a great place to visit. You can find pole circuit breakers, electric Zinsco breakers as well as manual transfer switches at Home Depot by brands such as QO and Connecticut. These electrical materials are quality made and offer great durability. So no matter what project you're looking to complete, or what you're trying to repair, you're sure to find something that fits your needs at Home Depot. If you're doing home products, then Home Depot is a great place to check out, as their selection is wide and they carry many different brands and products.

QO 30 Amp Double Pole Circuit Breaker QO230

"QO branch circuit breaker. 30 amp, 2 pole plug-on. 120/240 Vac.10,000 amps interrupting rating maximum. QO circuit breakers provide overload and overcurrent protection. Features VISI-TRIP indicator to easily identify a tripped circuit in the load center. For use in QO load centers, QO enclosures, CSED devices and NQOD panelboards."

Connecticut Electric 40A, 2P UBI Type Z Thin Zinsco Breaker

"Using wire size #8-2 copper with ground, this 40 amp, 120/240 Volt, two pole, thin series replacement breaker is used in a Zinsco load center. Typical applications, up to 17,600 watts, include electric ranges (8 KW - 10 KW), electric ovens, quick recovery hot water heaters and central residential air conditioners."

QO 15 AmpTandem Single Pole Circuit Breaker QO1515

"QO replacement tandem circuit breaker. 15 amp, single pole. For use in old style non-class CTL QO load centers. Provides overload and short circuit protection. 120 Vac. 10,000 maximum amps interrupting rating. QWIK-OPEN breaker featuring VISI-TRIP easily identifying a tripped circuit in the load center."

Connecticut Electric 30A, 6 Circuit Manual Transfer Switch

"The Logical Way to Control Portable Generator Power! This 30 Amp, 6 Circuit Manual Transfer Switch is perfect for transferring generator power into electrical power through your load center and therefore, throughout your house. Select the circuits you want powered when the electricity fails in your neighborhood."

These electrical materials can be found at

Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:10 am
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