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Home Depot MK Diamond Gas Powered Scarifier

Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:59 pm
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If you're looking for a MK Diamond Gas Powered Scarifier, then Home Depot might be worth checking out. Home Depot carries a nice selection of MK Diamond concrete saw and scarifier tools which are perfect for the home owner who wants to lay a concrete foundation or do other home projects that involve concrete. These MK Diamond concrete tools are sturdy and durable and offer great durability. So no matter what project you're looking to complete, you're sure to find something that fits your needs at Home Depot. If you're doing home products, then Home Depot is a great place to check out, as their selection is wide and they carry many different brands and products.

MK Diamond 20 In. 13 Horse Power Self Propelled Concrete Saw

"The MK2013HSP offers strength, power and durability through one-piece box construction chassis made from 3/16" hot-rolled steel that will not flex during operation. A rugged 13 horsepower Honda V-Twin motor provides 3600 rpm on a 20 inch blade capacity that can move up to 80 inches per minute while cutting down to 7 5/8 inches in depth."

MK Diamond 14 In. 6.5 Horse Power Walk Behind Concrete Saw.

"This Compact, lightweight walk-behind concrete saw is engineered for maneuverability and reliability in both dry and wet cutting applications. With full aluminum frame construction, sturdy single piece steel motor mount weldment to minimize vibration and a cast-aluminum hinged blade guard, this the MK-CX-3R is built to last."

MK Diamond 9 Horse Power Gas Powered Scarifier.

"This 9 horse power Scarifier is designed for grinding, roughening, planning, leveling, smoothing, or creating grooves in concrete surfaces. It also can be used to prepare concrete surfaces prior to coating, re-coating, and floor covering installation by removing paint, mastic and other floor coverings."

GATORBACK, LLC Tough Mortarboard For Mortar And Stucco

"The quality of workmanship and the level of production by a mason are directly related to the tools they use. Moreover, a great tool is one that is designed to increase efficiency and is built to last. This mortarboard was created based on these principles. To maximize a mason’s productivity."

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