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Home Depot GTO Mighty Mule Roll Low Voltage Electrical Wire

Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:45 pm
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If you're looking for GTO Mighty Mule Roll Low Voltage Electrical Wire, then Home Depot carries a nice selection for low prices. The electrical wire that is sold at Home Depot is all low voltage wire, however you can find it in different lengths ranging from a couple of hundred feet to 1000 feet. This wire can be used for installing AC transformers, solar panels, wireless keypads, and automatic gate openers among other tings. So no matter what project you're looking to complete, you're sure to find something that fits your needs at Home Depot. If you're doing home products, then Home Depot is a great place to check out, as their selection is wide and they carry many different brands and products.

GTO / Mighty Mule 250ft roll of Low Voltage Wire

"This wire includes 250 feet of 16 gauge, multi-stranded, dual conductor Low Voltage Wire. It can be used for installing an AC transformer, solar panel, wireless intercom/keypad, or most other automatic gate opener accessories. This wire is UV treated and PVC coated, and is rated for direct burial. However, GTO recommends running the wire through conduit or PVC pipe in order to protect it from the elements and ensure longer life for your wire."

GTO / Mighty Mule 1000 Ft. roll of Low Voltage Wire

"This 16 Gauge, Multi-Stranded, Dual Conductor, Direct Burial Low Voltage Wire is best used with Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers. It is used to connect either the AC powered transformer or the solar panel to the gate operator's control board. This wire is also used for the connection of accessories, such as locks, keypads, push buttons, and other wired access controled devices. This specially-designed wire is UV treated, PVC coated and ready for Direct Burial. Available in 1000 foot rolls."

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