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EverTrue Crown Moulding from Lowes

Fri May 13, 2011 2:57 pm
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Crown moulding is one product that can really finish a room off. If you're looking for crown moulding, then Lowes might have something of interest. Lowes carries a nice selection of crown moulding in various materials such as composite, pine and oak. Some of these moulding pieces already come primed and painted whereas some are unfinished. It's really nice that you can choose this: for instance if you're looking to have white crown molding, then you might as well just buy it already painted, however if you want a very specific shade of white, or if you want a completely different color, then buying them primes would probably be the way to go. You can find a range of different designs too when it comes to crown moulding ranging from sleek and simple to more decorative.

Crown moulding is one of those features which can really show that attention to detail has been paid. If you want to truly finish off a room and make it more decorative, then appropriate crown moulding could really be the perfect thing to invest in. It can turn a room from a so so decor, to an absolutely fantastic one. This is also one of those things which you might not think you really need, however once you see a room with molding, as opposed to one room without it, you can definitely see the difference and the room with molding looks so much sharper, more elegant and simply more finished. 

Checking out your local home improvement store such as Lowes is definitely the thing to do if you would like to add some nice crown molding. This doesn't have to be very expensive to do and the difference can be quite amazing. So running by Lowes and checking out their selection (or why not Home Depot or Sears) could definitely be worthwhile to do.

EverTrue Wood Composite Crown 4 1/4" x 12' x 11/16"

"High quality materials. Excellent craftsmanship. Consistent, distinctive profiles."

EverTrue Fingerjoint Primed Crown 3 1/4" x 12' x 9/16"

"Excellent craftsmanship. Consistent, distinctive profiles. Most profiles available in a variety of material choices"

EverTrue Solid Oak 51 Crown 3 1/4" x 8' x 1/2"

"Can be painted or stained"

EverTrue Primed Pine 49 Crown 3 5/8" x 16' x 9/16"

"Primed and ready to paint"

These crown moulding pieces can be found at

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