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Evaporative Coolers from Home Depot

Mon May 16, 2011 8:20 am
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An evaporator cooler is great if your house gets hot in the summer and you're looking for alternative methods to cool it down. Home Depot is one store that carries a nice selection of evaporative coolers such as window coolers, basement coolers and down draft coolers, so you definitely should be able to find something suitable within their selection. These coolers come in different designs, some are larger and some are smaller, however all of them will cool down a room. These evaporative coolers are easy to install and set up so one would definitely be worth a try.

You can find remote control window coolers, galvanized steel coolers as well as energy efficient evaporative coolers among this collection. If you're looking for ways to cool down your home and that is cheaper, yet efficient and you really don't want an air conditioner, then investing an evaporative cooler could certainly be a good idea. These units are pretty quiet, energy efficient and they will successfully cool down a room. These units do of course come in various sizes, so no matter whether you need something quite large, or something smaller one of these units should probably work for you.

Home Depot as well as other home improvement stores are certainly worth to look into if you're trying to come up with methods to cool down your home during the hot periods of the year: you could either invest in a powerful fan, a portable air conditioner or an evaporative cooler to mention a few options.

4700 CFM Remote Control Window Cooler

"The machine balanced blower wheel ensures quiet operation and maximum air flow even when your cooler is working its hardest. The Remote Control Window Series Puts cooling convenience in your hands. Window Unit Convertible Grille Fits casement windows and between wall studs for easy installation."

2800 CFM Window Evaporative Cooler With Motor

"New Window Unit Convertible Grille fits casement windows and between wall studs for easy Installation. Built in Convenience with Unique bolted construction for easy access and rust resistance. One Piece bottom pan for leak proof operation equals low maintenance."

M401 Mobile Champion Cooler

"Energy efficient with easy connection to standard water hose. Bolted Construction instead of welded allows for easy access and rust resistance. Standard cool pads can be cut to fit; easy to remove/replace; unit also accomodates Aspen Pads. Molded Plastic tops created with easy-drain corners to prevent water pooling.

4300 CFM, Down Draft Evaporative Cooler

"The one piece bottom pan prevents corrosion and leakage since the need for seams, spot welding and sealing materials is eliminated. Heavy gauge galvanized steel metal cabinets are built to last and are tough enough to resist weather and impact. All Metal surfaces are coated with an electro statically applied."

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