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Dehumidifiers from Bed Bath and Beyond by Delonghi & Bionaire

Fri May 20, 2011 10:23 am
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Do you experience damp air in your home? In that case, a dehumidifier could be a very wise purchase. Bed Bath and Beyond carries a nice selection of dehumidifiers by Delonghi and Bionaire among other brands. Some of these units feature air conditioners, dehumidifiers and air purifiers in one unit - perfect if you need all features, however you don't feel like purchasing three different machines. These dehumidifiers feature 24 hour programming, exhaust hoses, quite operation and tank control systems among other details, so you definitely get all the bells and whistles.

The fact that most of these dehumidifiers are portable is a great thing, that makes them much more useful as you can move one to a different room throughout the day. These dehumidifiers work very well and they are efficient and easy to use. If you live in a rather humid climate then you might realize what a devastating effect it can have on your furniture, books, clothes etc... Mildew and fungus grows much faster and easier in a damp climate, so if you feel like your air contains too much water, then it could certainly be a good idea to invest in a dehumidifier.

Also, even if you don't live in a humid climate but you experience that your basement does occasionally feel very damp, then it could also be a good idea to buy one of these units. A dehumidifier removes water from the air which gathers in a container which you later empty. It's a simple and efficient system and these dehumidifiers don't cost a fortune, so even if you're on a pretty tight budget you should be able to afford one. 

DeLonghi 40-pint Capacity Dehumidifier with Auto Pump System

"Draw the moisture out of your most humid living spaces to create a more comfortable breathing atmosphere. Featuring electronic controls with digital display and a 24-hour programmable timer, this dehumidifier operates quietly, making it perfect for any room."

All-In-One Air Conditioner-Dehumidifier-Air Purifier Center

"This fully portable unit is the perfect solution for all your air treatment needs: one single unit that has a SMART mode to electronically decided which system is needed in your space. The 10,000 BTU/h performance air conditioner has a double exhaust hose that cools up to 400 sq. ft (window exhaust install required)."

Bionaire Ultra-Compact Dehumidifier

"This ultra-compact, whisper quiet dehumidifier is ideal for under sinks and inside pantries, cabinets and closets. It helps prevent odors, mold and mildew in small, enclosed spaces by removing up to 300 ml of odor-causing moisture per day. The auto shut-off feature prevents overflow, and the removable tank is easy to empty and clean."

DeLonghi 40-pint Capacity Dehumidifier

"It is also perfect for basements, with a washable air filter system that traps dust particles and castor wheels for easy mobility. Tank control system prevents water overflow due to a full, improperly positioned, or missing tank. 40-pint capacity tank."

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