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DeckoRail Composite Decking & Balusters from Home Depot

Wed May 18, 2011 8:29 am
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Composite decking is great if you're looking for a deck with low maintenance and one that is very durable. Home Depot is one store that carries a wide selection of composite decking by DeckoRail among other brands so they would certainly be worth checking out. You can find a variety of round balusters as well as contour balusters that are more durable than wood, however still good looking. What balusters you choose will really impact the final result, so take a good look around your house and garden to determine what style would be the most suitable for your setting.

These composite decking products and balusters are practical and durable and that is definitely an important point. You can find stainless iron like balusters, powder coated balusters as well as tubular balusters among other products. A nice decking system or balusters can really change the look of your balcony, stairway or deck area: if your old one is starting to look worn and you feel like your outdoor area could use an update, then this would be a great area to do it in. 

When it comes to picking what type of material you should choose in term of decking, you should definitely check out styling, price, durability etc... Composite decking fits the bill on all of these aspects, however it is perhaps a bit more expensive than regular wood. However, if you're concerned about not having to do too much upkeep and maintentance then it would definitely be a good way to go. Home Depot is overall a really good store and they have so many nice products for reasonable prices so they would be worth a visit.

DeckoRail 15-Pack 3/4"x32" Stainless Round Baluster with Fastball

"These balusters can be used with wood and composite railing systems. They offer the look of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost and are more durable than wood balusters. Easy to install and maintain. Conveniently packaged in packs of 15, the recommended quantity for a 6ft. on-center handrail."

DeckoRail 14-Pack 32-1/4" Black Contour Baluster

"Can be used with wood and composite railing systems. More durable than wood balusters. They offer the look of hand-forged wrought iron with 1in. diameter that provides maximum view from the deck. The contour balusters cost slightly more than wood balusters but they won't warp, split, or splinter like wood.

DeckoRail 15-Pack 3/4"x32" Green Round Baluster with Fastball

"Expected to last 10+ years or will last the lifetime of the deck. Durable powder-coated finish"

DeckoRail 15-Pack 3/4"x26 Taupe Round Baluster with Fastball

"Tubular in design to be sleeved over FastBall baluster connectors. Easy to maintain and install"

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