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Counterparts Ceramic Wall Tile at Lowes

Sun May 22, 2011 10:42 am
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Counterparts Ceramic Wall Tile make a room look very finished and it is also easy to maintain. If you're looking for wall tile, then Lowes is a great store to visit and this brand in particular makes nice products. Lowes carries a nice selection of wall tiles in ceramic, stone and porcelain by Counterparts and Armstrong and the selection is rather huge. If you come in with no clear picture in your mind of what color scheme or style you're after, chances are you'll spend a lot of time looking through all their different options. These tiles are available in many different designs such as classic, contemporary, mosaic and traditional, and they come in many different colors and shades. Since there are so many various looks to chose from, it is easy to find something to go with your taste and decor.

You could put up these wall tiles either in the kitchen, the bathroom as well as any other place where you want a wall that's easy to clean. Some of these tiles would make a great backsplash in the kitchen, or in the bathroom as well. Overall it's a great idea to go for tiles in these areas: it's pretty affordable, especially if you compare to some other materials, it's easy to clean, and it's really easy to customize and choose a style that really would go with your style, space and personality.

Counterparts 4" x 6" Bright Biscuit R&L Cove Base Angle Ceramic Tile

"Can be purchased by the carton with a quantity of 5 cards. Card includes Left and Right Corners. Other Decorative Accents and Trim Available"

Armstrong 3" x 13" Contour Decorative Ceramic Floor/Wall Listel

"Decorative tiles add a finishing touch to any room. Increase home value with ceramic tile. Easy to clean and maintain"

Armstrong 8" x 10" Jerusalem Stone Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

"Wall tiles create a finished look in any room. Increase home value with ceramic tile. Easy to clean and maintain"

Unbranded 4" x 4" Hampton Decorative Porcelain Tile

"Easy to clean and maintain. Upgrade your home. Wall Deco. Neutral colors"

These tiles can be found at

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