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Ceiling Tiles from Lowes by Armstrong & Fasade

Fri May 13, 2011 3:15 pm
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Ceiling tiles are a great choice if you want to create a very complete and sophisticated look in your home. Lowes is one store that carries a nice selection of ceiling tiles by Armstrong and Fasade. You can find such a wide range of different ceiling tiles in various designs ranging from simple and clean to detailed and decorative. These ceiling panels would certainly put those special touches on a room and give it a distinctly different look. And it's great that there are so many styles to choose from, so it wouldn't be difficult to find a model that fits in with your decor.

The pearwood ceiling tile as well as the tin look ceiling tiles would certainly add a distinctive touch to a room and give it character and style. The paintable tiles are perfect if you like the idea of this texture, however you would prefer to have your ceiling a more interesting color. With a paintable tile choice you can get very creative and have the nice pattern but then choose maybe a navy blue or a sky blue to mention a few examples. Ceiling tiles would also be a good idea if your ceiling has some cosmetic damage to it since it would then cover it up really well and you could get a whole new look going with little effort.

Armstrong 12" x 12" Tin Look Wellington Ceiling Tile

"Tin ceiling look with paintable finish. Direct apply to ceiling or joists using furring strips or adhesive. Fire retardant. 40 sq. ft. per carton. 40 pieces per carton. Tongue-and-groove square- edge tile"

Fasade 24" x 48" Traditional 2 - Two Tone Gold Over Pearwood Ceiling Tile

"Perfect for remodeling or new construction, panels are water- and corrosion-resistant for exceptional durability. Matching inside corner-trim and edge J-trim pieces also are available"

Fasade 24" x 48" Traditional 2 - Paintable White Lay-In Ceiling Tile

"Suitable for wet environments with resistance to impacts and stains, and is simple to clean using warm water and soap with a soft cloth. Matching inside corner-trim and edge J-trim pieces also are available"

Armstrong 24" x 48" Metallaire Hammered Trefoil Nail-Up Panel

"Brass finish classic tin ceiling look. Install directly to the ceiling; attach to furring strips or joists using coordinating metallaire nails. Fire retardant"

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