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Brite Plastic Lattice Fence from Lowes

Wed May 11, 2011 9:37 am
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A lattice fence is great if you prefer something classic, romantic, yet low maintenance. If you're looking for a plastic lattice fence, then Lowes might be worth a visit. Lowes carries a nice selection of Brite plastic lattice fences. These lattice fences come in a range of colors and styles such as clay lattices, dark green lattices and tuff bilt lattices. These plastic lattice units looks a lot like real wood lattice, however they are maintenance free: a perfect combination in other words.

A lattice fence would also be a good choice if you seek more privacy, but you also want something wich is charming and sweet. Some of the lattice holes are smaller on some models and provide plenty of privacy, yet they won't disrupt the style of your garden or house. These Lowes lattice fences are affordable and can really look good if they are placed correctly. You can also saw and cut these as you wish in order fit them properly so you don't have to worry if the products in the store look like they are not going to fit quite right.

Going for a fence in plastic instead of wood might at first thought sound kind of bad. After all, plastic doesn't hold the same intrinsic value as wood does in our minds. However when you think about how wood needs maintenance, it can get moldy and there just is more upkeep, then going for plastic might feel like a better choice. Plus, many of these products below look really great: they are easy to wash by simply hosing off and they would add lots of charm and style to your home.

Brite 4' x 8' 3-Dimensional White Plastic Lattice Panel

"Looks more like real wood lattice as it has a 3 dimensional appearance, while the standard plastic lattices are only 2 dimensional. It has a deeper "wood grain" appearance and a heavier, more durable feel to it"

4' x 8' Traditional Clay Lattice

"Maintenance free, never paint again. Once piece construction. Scratches won't show. Easily sawed, nailed, screwed and carved. UV stable color goes all the way through"

Brite Dark Green Plastic Lattice

"Never needs painting. Nicks and scratches won't show. Easily sawed, nailed, screwed and carved. Unaffected by moisture, mildew or dry-rot"

Brite 2 x 8 White Tuff-Bilt Plastic Lattice

"Maintenance free, never needs painting. Can be sawed, nailed, screwed and carved. Unaffected by moisture, mildew or dry-rot"

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