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Bionaire Remote Control Twin Window Fan at Costco

Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:23 am
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In case you're thinking of buying a Bionaire Remote Control Twin Window Fan, then Costco might be worth checking out. Costco carries a nice selection of portable window fans by Lasko, Bionaire and Patton among other brands. You can find box fans, floor fans as well as pedestal fans at Costco. Some of these fans feature remote controls, high velocity, all metal construction, steel construction and quiet operation, so they should definitely be a good choice, if you want something that should be able to stand up to quite a lot of use and pressure. Some of these fans are also quite powerful and durable and will really cool down a room effectively: it can in some cases be a better choice to go for a really good fan instead of installing an air conditioning system.

If you live in a climate that doesn't get that hot and where it's not necessary to run an AC all the time, then you could probably get away with installing one of these window fans in your bedroom and other spaces of your house that you need to cool down. Some of these fans are very effective and can make a room drastically cooler. Actually, it's a much better idea to invest in a window fan as opposed to regular stand up fan. A window fan brings in the cool air from the outside (this works really good and can bring the temperature down dramatically) whereas a regular stand up fan simply recirculates the same air in the room, perhaps increasing the breeze but not really decreasing the temperature.

Of course it's also a lot cheaper to simply invest in a few fans as opposed to getting your whole house set up with an AC, even if it's just a portable air conditioner. So as summer is approaching, it can definitely be a good idea to check out Costco for these nice fans.

Lasko Quickmount 20" High Velocity Floor or
Wallmount Fan

"The versatile Lasko Quickmount Fan can sit on the floor, table or counter, or be mounted on a wall. Durable steel construction with metal fan blades for maximum air movement. High velocity wallmount or floor fan. Durable steel construction. Comfortable carrying handle. Rubber pads protect surfaces"

Lasko Air Director Floor/Window Fan

"Directs air where it's needed for maximum comfort. For use on the floor or in a window. The pivoting, lightweight Lasko Air Director fits neatly in front of any window screen for simple set-up. Three whisper-quiet speeds. Ingenious multi-tasker is 2-fans-in-1. Use on floor or in a window. 3 whisper-quiet speeds. Manually reversible for intake or exhaust"

Bionaire Remote Control Twin Window Fan

"The Bionaire Twin Window Fan is designed for maximum convenience and comfort. This unit is intended to fit double-hung, slider and casement windows, and the fan's two high performance 9" blades are engineered to draw in fresh cool air, exhaust stale indoor air, or exchange for full room circulation."

Patton Advanced Blade High Velocity 20" Fan

"Portable, durable and powerful. This high velocity Air Circulator from Patton features an innovative Turbine CVT blade that projects a column of air farther and deeper than most fans. The pivoting head tilts up to 90 degrees for full room air circulation. With all-metal construction, reinforced structural design and reliable GE motor, it's built to last."

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Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:23 am

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