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Bed Bath and Beyond Ultrasonic Humidifier

Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:23 pm
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When the air your breath is very dry, you might need a Ultrasonic Humidifier to make it more damp. Bed Bath and Beyond carries a nice selection of humidifiers by Venta, Ultrasonic, Bionaire and Holmes among other brands. Some of these humidifiers also come with purifiers, and other feature silent operation, timer and temperature settings. These humidifiers work very well and they are efficient and easy to use. Bed Bath and Beyond carries many different house and cleaning products such as vacuum cleaners, seasonal electrics and more in various models that are quality made. You can find a variety of brands at Bed Bath and Beyond and their selection is quite wide.

Venta Humidifier and Purifier LW44

"Combination humidifier and purifier needs no filter pads. Water serves as the filter. Works in rooms up to 720 square feet. It's hygienic, runs quietly and has 3 speeds. 3 gallon tank capacity."

Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier

"This virtually silent humidifier offers warm or cool mist options. There are no evaporating pads or wicks to replace, and Nano-Silver embedded into the water tank fights the growth of mold and bacteria in the humidifier. The digital interface has an auto humidity control, a timer setting and a temperature read-out."

Bionaire Revolution Ultrasonic Humidifier

"Ultra quiet and filter free, this innovative humidifier is the perfect way to deliver just the right amount of mist to medium-sized rooms. Ultrasonically vibrating water particles 1.7 million times per second, the super fine mist is spun into a swirling vortex in the blue lit chamber and then propelled up through the grill into the air resulting in faster evaporation and faster humidity room coverage."

Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier With Permanent Filter

"Save yourself the costly effort of buying replaceable filters for your humidifier and relieve annoying sinus irritation and other damaging symptoms of dry air with the Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier. The permanent LifeLong filter uses exclusive composite materials in the water and is easily refreshed by simply washing it out."

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