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Bed Bath and Beyond Portable Electric Heater

Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:18 pm
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Instead of spending large amounts of money on heating during the winter, check out a portable electric heater. Bed Bath and Beyond is one store that carries a nice selection of portable electric heaters by Soleus, Vornado and Bionaire among other brands. These portable electric heaters are quite efficient and will save you money. You can heat up quite large rooms with one of these small heaters, and they are easy to move around in between various rooms. Some of these heaters also have remote controls so they are easy to operate from a distance. Bed Bath and Beyond carries many different house and cleaning products such as vacuum cleaners, seasonal electrics and more in various models that are quality made. You can find a variety of brands at Bed Bath and Beyond and their selection is quite wide.

Soleus Indoor/Outdoor Heater

"Enjoy warm 'weather' on your patio far beyond the summer months, or bring the summer inside with this versatile unit that replicates the sun, heating surfaces instead of the air. This feature assures that you will not lose your heat source outside because of blowing wind."

Vornado TouchStone Vortex Heat 500

"Spread the warmth! Heat up large rooms up to 16' x 16' in just minutes with exclusive vortex action of the Vornado TouchStone Vortex Heat 500. Using either the handy remote control or the digital control panel, you can easily adjust the room temperature and set the timer. Compact and lightweight, the heater also has a sturdy handle so moving it from room to room is a cinch."

Soleus Air Oscillating Reflective Heater

"This hardy oscillating heater is ideal for bringing a comfortable warmth to spaces in your home or office. Utilizing reflective heating technology to simulate the radiant and warming rays of the sun, it directly warms the people or objects in front of it. And using less power than traditional heaters, the unit is a more energy efficient heating solution."

Bionaire Digital Convertible Tower Heater

"This 1500 watt heater features a programmable digital thermostat with a 16 hour on-off timer so you can warm rooms at just the right times of day or night. The unique convertible design allows for customization of heating comfort in a tower floor or pedestal stand position, and wide angle oscillation expands heating area. System automatically shuts off in overheat situations"

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