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Amorim Exercise Rubber Gym Flooring at Lowes

Tue May 17, 2011 8:40 am
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To purchase an Amorim Exercise Rubber Gym Flooring in order to create a gym in your home would definitely be the right thing to do. Lowes is one store that carries nice Amorim rubber gym floors in various styles, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find something that fills your variours criteria. You can find these exercise flooring mats in different designs such as black background with: tan, eggshell, blue, green and red flecks. These floors are quite soft and perfect to exercise on, plus they are easy to install.

The fleck floor design is also good since it hides dirt and marks that exercise machines and weights might leave on a floor. These floors are also shock absorbent which is great in case you would drop something accidentally. Of course these types of floors are not only limited to home gyms: you could place these anywhere where you want a durable, soft and affordable floor such as the garage, the basement, the utility room etc... There are quite a few options in terms of design and these floors are quite reasonably priced so it would definitely be a good idea to look into this possibility. These particular floors are available to buy at Lowes, however any home improvement store would be worth a visit since they most likely will carry a few different brands as well as different sizes and colors.

Amorim Rubber 4' x 10' Mat Flooring (Color: Black With Tan Flecks)

"Easy to install. Low maintenance. Non-skid surface. Shock absorbent"

Amorim Rubber 4' x 10' Mat Flooring (Color: Black With Eggshell Flecks)

"Shock absorbent. Cost effective. 5 year residential warranty. Sold in 40 sq. ft. rolls"

These floors can be found at

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