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Vinyl Flooring from Lowes by Armstrong & Cryntel

Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:32 am
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Vinyl flooring is durable, easy to maintain and relative affordable. If you're looking for vinyl flooring, then Lowes is a great store to check out. Lowes carries a nice selection of vinyl flooring by Armstrong and Cryntel among other brands. You can find such a large variation of different vinyl tiles - do you prefer the look of stone, wood, ceramic or granite? No matter what, you're sure to find something that will fit in with the decor of your home. These vinyl tiles are also easy to clean and require no maintenance.

Vinyl flooring can really be the perfect idea if you want to lay a new flooring in the basement, garage or other area where you don't want to spend too much money. These Lowes vinyl floors look really good, and yet they are reasonably priced. It's pretty amazing how many different looks you can get with vinyl: it doesn't matter if you would prefer something that looks like slate, tile, wood or perhaps some other material, you should be able to find something that suits your particular sense of style.

Another great aspect with these vinyl floors is how easy they are to lay down. Often this can be done in just a few hours and if you have never layed a floor before, then you'll be pleasently surprised at how easy it is to do. Lowes is a great store for this type of product, however if you live close by to another home improvement store such as Sears or Home Depot, then you might as well check them out since they probably also carry a nice selection and provide pretty reasonable prices.

Armstrong 12" x 12" Excelon Imperial Texture 1/8" Fortress White

"Color and design that last the life of the floor. Install with Armstrong S-750 Adhesive. FloorScore Certified - complies with indoor air quality emissions standards"

Cryntel 12" x 12" ItaliaStone Fresco Vinyl Tile

"The Essence of Natural Stone. Peel and Stick Installation. Easy Maintenance"

Cryntel 12" x 12" EuroStone Pearl Vinyl Tile

"Scratch Resistant Surface. Peel and Stick Installation. Easy Maintenance"

Armstrong 12" x 12" Terraza Padera Patina Shale

"Easy to install - peel and stick installation
No-wax wear layer - easy to clean. ToughGuard durability - will not rip, tear, or gouge from normal household use."

These vinyl tiles can be found at

Cryntel Engineered Wood Flooring at Lowes

Thu May 26, 2016 6:00 am
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Cryntel Engineered Wood Flooring might be for you if you're looking for something very durable and strong for your home. Lowes is one store that carries a nice selection of engineered wood floors by Bruce, Cryntel and Natural Floors in many different styles. You can find floors in oak, mahogany and kempas. These floors are engineered to be extra durable and they should last for many years to come. Since these hardwood floors are available in different designs, it shouldn't be difficult to find a style that fits in with your taste and decor.

There are for instance engineered oak flooring, re-sandable and re-finishable wood floors as well as aluminum oxide surface floors among other models. Going with a nice hardwood floor can so dramatically change the appearance of your home. Sure, putting in new wooden floors is expensive, however this is definitely something where you will get a good return on your investment, plus it will make your space look infinitely better, especially if you have an ugly carpet or vinyl floor there now.

Picking the right shade for your home is another challenge. You definitely want it to go with the flow of your house and the your style, and there are so many different looks to choose between. Light, dark, expressive, mellow! And with the engineered aspect you can certainly be sure to get a very durable floor that should be able to stand up to lots of wear and tear over many years to come.

Bruce Wood Sample-3/8 Engineered Natural

"America's best Choice. Engineered Oak Flooring. 3/8" thick x 3" wide. Shown in Natural. Also available in Gunstock and Butterscotch"

Cryntel 16.2 Sq. Ft. Engineered Kempas

"Engineered, Multi-Ply System for Increased Dimensional Stability. Super Durable BonaX Finish, Resandable, Refinishable"

Natural Floors 35.52 Sq. Ft. Engineered Oak Walnut

"Stained. Oak. UV Finished. Hardwood"

BR-111 3" Triangulo Engineered Santos Mahogany

"Thick-sawn, solid hardwood wear layer. Crystal-clear aluminum oxide wear surface. Precision milling and superior quality control"

These floors can be found at

Gas & Electric Wall Ovens from Home Depot by Maytag, GE & Jenn-Air

Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:19 am
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Many companies create functional wall ovens nowadays in addition to ranges. Home Depot is one store that carries a nice selection of gas and electric wall ovens by Maytag, GE and Jenn-Air to mention a few brands. These wall ovens make a lot of sense - it's easier on your back to bring food in and out of a higher up oven, plus it sometimes works better to have the cooktop and the oven in separate areas, especially if you have a kitchen island. So no matter what type of appliances you're looking for, Home Depot is a great store to visit. Their selection is wide and encompasses many brands and different types of products, plus their prices are competitive and reasonable.

Maytag 30 In. Electric Double Wall Oven

"Maytag wall ovens offer performance in step with the way you want to cook. It starts with Precise Preheat: the ovens preheat based on measurements of the actual temperature, not just a preset time (like other brands) for accuracy and better cooking results. The Precision Cooking System helps with even baking and browning, even when cooking on multiple racks."

GE Profile 30 In. Built-In Double Microwave / Convection Oven

"Delivers even air and heat circulation for superior baking and roasting results; Convection Roast (Lower Oven Only) - Provides you with even cooking and consistent results, roasting meats up to 25% faster than a conventional oven. PreciseAir Convection System - Delivers even air and heat circulation for superior baking and roasting results"

Maytag 24 In. Gas Wall Oven

"Maytag wall ovens offer performance in step with the way you want to cook. This model is 24" wide: a perfect fit for many remodeling or replacement needs. All Maytag wall ovens feature user-friendly controls and presets that are easy to read and operate, with simple icons, large-view graphics and convenient touch-pad selections."

Jenn-Air 30 In. Electric Double Wall Oven with Convection

"Jenn-Air double wall ovens offer twice the cooking space, along with the flexibility to cook items at different temperatures simultaneously. Perfect for when you entertain, whether it's once a year or twice a week! This model features an upper two-mode convection oven for faster, more even baking and roasting."

These ovens can be found at

Home Depot Residential Circuit Breaker

Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:10 am
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If you're looking for Home Depot Residential Circuit Breaker or a transfer switch, then Home Depot is a great place to visit. You can find pole circuit breakers, electric Zinsco breakers as well as manual transfer switches at Home Depot by brands such as QO and Connecticut. These electrical materials are quality made and offer great durability. So no matter what project you're looking to complete, or what you're trying to repair, you're sure to find something that fits your needs at Home Depot. If you're doing home products, then Home Depot is a great place to check out, as their selection is wide and they carry many different brands and products.

QO 30 Amp Double Pole Circuit Breaker QO230

"QO branch circuit breaker. 30 amp, 2 pole plug-on. 120/240 Vac.10,000 amps interrupting rating maximum. QO circuit breakers provide overload and overcurrent protection. Features VISI-TRIP indicator to easily identify a tripped circuit in the load center. For use in QO load centers, QO enclosures, CSED devices and NQOD panelboards."

Connecticut Electric 40A, 2P UBI Type Z Thin Zinsco Breaker

"Using wire size #8-2 copper with ground, this 40 amp, 120/240 Volt, two pole, thin series replacement breaker is used in a Zinsco load center. Typical applications, up to 17,600 watts, include electric ranges (8 KW - 10 KW), electric ovens, quick recovery hot water heaters and central residential air conditioners."

QO 15 AmpTandem Single Pole Circuit Breaker QO1515

"QO replacement tandem circuit breaker. 15 amp, single pole. For use in old style non-class CTL QO load centers. Provides overload and short circuit protection. 120 Vac. 10,000 maximum amps interrupting rating. QWIK-OPEN breaker featuring VISI-TRIP easily identifying a tripped circuit in the load center."

Connecticut Electric 30A, 6 Circuit Manual Transfer Switch

"The Logical Way to Control Portable Generator Power! This 30 Amp, 6 Circuit Manual Transfer Switch is perfect for transferring generator power into electrical power through your load center and therefore, throughout your house. Select the circuits you want powered when the electricity fails in your neighborhood."

These electrical materials can be found at

John Deere Electric Pressure Washer

Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:06 am
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If you're looking for an electric pressure washer, then John Deere is certainly one brand to consider. John Deere makes very sturdy and durable pressure washers. You can find a wide range of John Deere pressure washers such as residential washers, cold water, hot water and agricultural pressure washers among other models. These units are great if you're looking for something that can be relied upon over and over again, and that can stand up to heavy stress and still perform. John Deere makes home and workshop products of excellent quality in addition to garden equipment and agriculture machines. So if you're looking for a brand that can be trusted, then John Deere is certainly a great choice.

pressure washer
Portable-Electric Oil Fired Direct Drive (1500 PSI, 2.0 HP)

"Hot water electric, oil-fired burner. 1500 PSI, 2.0 HP, 120V. 1 year warranty (3 yrs on coil, 5 yrs on pump)

pressure washer
Portable-Electric Oil Fired Belt Drive (3000 PSI, 8.0 HP)

"Hot water electric, oil-fired burner. 3000 PSI, 8.0 HP, 230V, single phase. 1 year warranty (3 yrs on coil, 5 yrs on pump)"

These pressure washers can be found at

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