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Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:07 am
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Lately I have been immersed in the Downton Abbey world. The production itself is dangerously obsorbing like pure candy you don't want to stop eating; however I wanted to focus here on the wonderful interior design. I can't help but to completely fall in love with the decor, even if some of it is way over the top, and not applicable in many ways. But the details! The wallpaper! The abundance of books, and lustrous fabrics and interesting color choices! Even in the servant's quarters and rooms where you might not expect it you have the loveliest shades of green, grey and other mellow and sometimes stark colors. In the past (well specifically early 20th century Britain here...) they utilized subdued and bold colors to a much greater extent, not much white in view here.

Obviously this room is extravagant and grand. But look at that sofa! Look at the shapes, the interesting lines!

From the intro. This green is prominent in several spaces. It provides such a great backdrop against the actors. I love the amount of gray in this green. It's not too bold in any way, such a versatile color.

Hard to find any good pictures of the kitchen. And while the kitchen probably wasn't ideal in numerous ways, isn't the large table just great! The open shelf with copper pots and pan! The light gray color on the walls!

the tiled backsplash...

Another interesting sofa and book covered walls.

Hard to find a good picture of this wallpaper from one of the bedrooms and this photo doesn't really do it justice. Because this bold red wallpaper is wonderful. It appears darker in most scenes than in this picture and it's so rich and interesting.

The car! I love the colors displayed here: the navy blue and brown leather combined with brass accents. But this picture doesn't even display the interior and wow, the interior features a plush navy velvet tufted seat. After seeing that velvet seat I want to run out and buy a navy tufted sofa, or try to make one or something.

The servant quarters. I love the design of that board; the black background, the brass bells, the font.


Also, at janeaustensworld below I also found this most interesting picture of a sliced manor house with the servant's quarters ontop, and the kitchen in the basement..

So, ignoring the conditions of that life for the majority of the members of the household, I do appreciate the wonderful decor here; the details, the color choices, the materials. It's real and substantial and a far cry from particle board and laminate wood...

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