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Goodbye & Hello 

Dear Reader,

I have decided to stop writing here, and have started working on new projects elsewhere. If you ever read The Home Project, wrote a comment, or just enjoyed the content, then write me an email at linn@christonium.com with the subject line "The Home Project" to find out where my ideas and projects are currently taking form. I also would really enjoy connecting with you out there, who I might have received glimpses of through comments, but never properly got to know.

Don't hesitate to write. I look forward to saying hi.


Out of the recent tasks relating to our shed project there are a lot of boring, tedious tasks such as putting up drywall and insulation. One of the few design-related choices has been the floor. We went with 2" x 8" x 12' doug fir tongue and groove floor boards.

mahogany stained fir floor

Our shed/shop is coming along. We just about finished the lower cabinets. We will be adding some more detail over the next few weeks about all the features we have added - like electricity! The permits are complete.


I was going through some late summer pictures, and suddenly I can't wait for the weather to turn for real. Baby, I think I'm ready to move to California. (Now wouldn't that sentence make for the sweetest song? I'm thinking something along the lines of Neil Young's Out on the Weekend, but a little less sad.)


It's been a while, hasn't it. I haven't written here since the summer, and I honestly didn't think I would write here again. Not because I didn't like it, but I had a hard time seeing the real purpose. This space started as a place to document our journey in shaping our home, and to play around with all the home related subjects I adore so much. Then time passed and I couldn't really see this blog's place. What was it? Where did it belong? I felt like I was trying a little too hard to make it something it wasn't. That in fact, I was writing for imaginary readers and not just for me. I felt like my thoughts, my process and the journey wasn't properly reflected. So I stopped.

Alcohol improves almost anything. It improves bananas for sure. A fire also changes your state of mind for the better, as does ice cream. So I would say Banana Fosters is a pretty awesome concoction. So make a fire before summer runs out. Add butter, bananas and brown suger and then douse it all with rum. Put a light to it and serve with ice cream. It should make anybody happy.


Getting your product out there is really no easy thing, which is something anyone who has started a business can attest to. It takes a lot of hard work, and if you're lucky it will catch the eye of someone who appreciates your design and point of view. So today I'm so very pleased to announce that our sea flag pillows are being featured in DesignSponge. I have read DesignSponge religiously for years, it's always been my first go-to place for new, fresh designs, and fun projects. I think Grace and her team have maintained an excellent level of quality on their posts, so it's a real honor to have our goods featured there today.

So head over and check out. The write-up is callled Last Gasp of Summer: Nautical Pillows. I just hope we can prolong summer all year long with our pillows, why not add a little brightness to your home as the days are getting darker. Keep the nautical feel going!


Thank you Grace and Amy!

There is something wonderfully beachy, casual and relaxing about linen, which is one reason why it's my fabric of choice. I love that it has texture, that it doesn't stay perfectly pressed when used and that it comes to life in your home. To get that look: the rumpled, casual, worn, and lived in look, is my goal these days. The look that fits right in on the beach, or in industrial style city loft, or in a white bedroom that's kind of messy but filled with light.

When first envisioning the sea flag pillows, I was thinking about the design concept from two angles: the textured fabric, and the bold prints. In many ways I think the fabric would stand up well on its own, as would the prints, but in combination you get an even better look and feel - one adds to the other. The prints provide the focus, but the fabric gives an underlying tone and texture.


Most girls who are even considering an overall are probably thinking about matching it with some cute heels and a tight t-shirt for that country chic look. And while I think that is oh so adorable, I've been thinking lately about how very practical an overall would be. Not to go out to lunch in, but to work in. Like for digging trenches and raking leaves and painting and being active in. Just think about it - the freedom of movement, everything in it's place. And if it would look good on too, then that would be an added bonus.

I checked out my favorite country seed store that seems to have everything and anything, but all I could find there were those actual country overalls in xl sizes that home inspectors put on before going under to check the crawl spaces if you know what I mean. And that wasn't exactly what I had in mind.


I'm so excited to introduce our sea flag pillows today. Ever since learning about sea flags from a young age, I have been absolutely fascinated with the concept of a maritime code, and the fact that there is one flag for each letter of the alphabet. Now we have taken that concept and created a line of beautiful products for the home incorporating all the elements I like best - 100% linen fabric, a navy print, a sense of the ocean and a custom, personal touch.

Check out this video below of me introducing our product.


If there is one thing I will miss once summer is past, it will be the tomatoes. Every day more or less for a few weeks now we have been going back to our fence garden and picking tomatoes - red, yellow, plum, beef; each day a handful has been ready.

Even though other crops such as potatoes, chard, broccoli and beets etc.. are fun to grow and harvest every now and then, they just can't beat tomatoes. Not the profilic nature of them, nor the flavor. The everyday habit of picking and eating them will be greatly missed. So much in fact that we have already started thinking of how and where we could possibly put a greenhouse with growing lamps, because having these tomatoes just outside our door step is just too good. And 10 or 11 months without that just seems depressing now.


Hey look. This little guy totally startled me as I looked outside my window. I ran for the camera and manage to capture him walking by. I don't know if it's because I'm from Sweden and I've never seen one of these before, but it doesn't seem to me like he belongs here, in town, so very close. 


This summer has been a bit of a whirlwind; after a lot of thinking, talking, designing and making, we have officially launched our new business: design.christonium. Regarding the name: christonium.com is our software business that we have been running for a few years, so when we wanted to move into designing physical products and not just virtual ones, the name design.christonium felt like a logical extension.
Right from the beginning our goal has been to design functional, practical and beautiful products. Things that are substantial and useful and meant for actually living with and not just looking at. Our wooden products are strong, well made and durable and feature interesting designs. Our fabric products are made in heavy weight 100% linen and feature unique prints. All together we've created a collection of goods that are reflecting our values and our preferences in terms of materials and design.


Have you ever listened to John Prine? While we've been working in the shop this summer he's been on over and over and his lyrics are so funny. (As are Roger Miller's, those are great.) These kinds of country songs have so much soul, are so unique and authentic, I just don't know where they are today. 

Here's one particularly good by Prine. Before seeing this video I always thought he was talking about his sweetheart, but apparently he's not, which dissappoints me slightly, but not enough to not keeping laughing at and adoring this song still.


chess table

We recently built a chess table. It's made out of marble and granite, which were leftovers from our kitchen floor project. It was sort of in preparation for the tile tables that we sell in our shop. (That is locally, because we haven't a figured out a way to ship those yet, however they're adorable!) The making of the chess table was a long process and it involved many steps. Now we have a super-heavy table, complete with a chess board for a game anytime, not to mention a pretty great background for photographing food and what not.



Oregon summers are wonderful and this year, with our new fence garden I've gotten to experience what it's like to have a garden that actually grows. A garden that gets sun. These days, our fence garden resembles a fence jungle - I never knew that potato greens would grow that high, or that basil could be back to pretty much the same state of growth a few days after you thinned it completely. Our fence garden is thriving, and today we spotted our first red tomato, not to mention we have tons of yellow summer squash coming our way.



Business, family, summer.

That pretty much sums up what's been going on around here lately. A new business, visiting family, gorgeous summer weather to work and play in. Mostly work in, but when you do work like ours it's play just the same.

Doing a new business is beyond fun and so much work. Finally we've been able to utilize our newly landscaped backyard for something real and different. There is so much to say on the subject, and soon I want to write about it for real. Until then, we have a website. And some pictures above!


A look at what we've been at these past weeks: design.christonium Exciting times...

Summer is passing by, even though today is the first day. Lately our days have been chock full of moving dirt, landscaping and a whole bunch of interesting other projects that I can't wait to share. We have big changes and exciting things coming, that's for sure. 


You know what those fence garden boxes really needed? Signs, of course! Rustic, framed chalkboard signs to be precise, that informs random people passing by what exactly is growing in those boxes. Aren't they adorable! It's like we have a fence gallery now. A fence gallery garden, that is.

Sitting on the other side of the fence, sometimes we hear people walking by. The other day a particularly colorful older lady who lives in the area took a stroll and like usual she spoke out loud to herself, this time reading each sign and talking to herself about the boxes


When you plant seed AND put down sod in two different areas side by side it's really a good way to measure how much instant satisfaction you really need in your life. The verdict? Quite a bit. Instant satisfaction is way better in the short run, which I guess is the definition of the concept.

In other words, grass seeds just take too long to grow, especially when you want it to be done growing so you can just have your lawn. Sod is thick and lush and... instant.


Our backyard is shaping up nicely. Latest thing? The same bricks we used to build the wall were used to make borders for our little gravel pathways. Bricks are the best, I wonder where else we could put them...

See more...


If you attempt to put a patio in prepare to dig down about 7 inches or so. In our case we dug down 7 inches for a total of 100 sqft, that makes it about 2.16 cubic yards of dirt to deal with. The amount of dirt you end up with when you do landscaping work wasn't something I had really reflected on before, but if you dig and do stuff, you'll find yourself with more than you'll know what to do with. And in terms of projects that generate dirt, laying a patio is one very effective way of getting a lot of it piled up! Unless you pay someone to come and pick it up, you have to put it somewhere. The question is where?

Well, in order to get rid of it, and also to utilize the empty East-facing back area of our fence, we decided to build garden boxes.


There is something special about bricks, something lasting and substantial. In a world where everyone seems to settle for quick and easy and concrete, clay bricks are just so appealing. And when you find cheap reclaimed wall bricks at Habitat for Humanity, and you're still in brick laying mood from doing a patio, why not do more.

This little project: a six feet half wall / seat required quite a bit of patience and I guess nothing is ever quite as easy as you think it's going to be before you get started. It really gave us a strong appreciation for skilled bricklayers! But I absolutely love the end result and I wouldn't mind at all to put little half wall seats pretty much everywhere in our backyard to separate and provide seating.


Favorite Projects

Kitchen Remodel Before & After

The kitchen, I believe we can declare is more or less done. It took us a few weeks of hard work and we certainly gave it a major overhaul. When we started, the whole kitchen was very green; it had a green linoleum floor, green walls and green ceiling...           

Custom Built in Bookcases around Window

One thing that really gives a house heart and soul is books. However most bookcases are quite short and if you want something that goes all the way up to the ceiling, you better make it yourself...                        

Vintage maps in custom made frames

To go from having nothing up on the walls to suddenly having them decorated makes such a huge difference. I thought we had come pretty far in terms of the remodel and decoration of our little house...

Refinishing Wood Floor Process

The first project we tackled when we moved into the house was to refinish the floors. As a matter of fact, we started buying tools and ripping out carpet the day we closed since we wanted to finish the floors before moving in. Somehow the idea of living in a cloud of sawdust...

Making a Coffee Table by Hand

To start our adventures in custom furniture making we decided to make a coffee table. The first thoughts regarding this table were related to the marble we had left over from the kitchen floor. We thought, wouldn't it be nice to use this marble on top of a coffee table...                             

Installing a Black and White Checkerboard Floor

Our house had beautiful oak wooden floors in every room, except the kitchen, adjacent utility room and bathroom. If the hardwood floors had extended into the kitchen, then I believe we would have just refinished those as we did the rest of the floors, and called it a day...                                       


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