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How To Water Your Garden More Efficiently

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Your garden can be a real problem if you're trying to keep your water bill low. Gardens can use enormous lawnamounts of water, depending of course on your location. If you want to make the process of watering your garden more efficient and use less water, then there are couple of different steps you can take:

1. Water at night or early in the morning before the sun is too hot.

2. Use rotary sprinklers and not misting sprinklers which tend to mist the air and not the grass.

3. Get a sensor so your water sprinklers don't start when it's raining.

4. Use drippers instead of broadcast sprinklers for isolated plants

5. Use battery operated valves since they can regular the amount of delivered water. If you have manual valves, it's easy to forget to turn them off; battery operated valves can be programmed to shut off.

6. Catch rainwater with barrels under downspouts and use that water first and foremost when watering your plants.

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