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Wooden Childrens Playhouses from Costco

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Costco carries such cute wooden children playhouses, one is prettier than the next! If you have been thinking about adding a playhouse to your yard but you're very particular about design and style and you preferably would want something that goes with the style of your home, then you probably would find something within this collection. These playhouses are absolutely adorable and come in styles such as manor houses, cottages, castles and look out stages. Many of these play houses actually have two levels and come fully equipped with door bells, balconies, lofts, windows and skylights among other feature.

Costco might not be the first place you would think of when it comes to finding that perfect playhouse, however they are actually the ideal place to look since they have so many wonderful options. Some of these houses look almost too good to be true. Imagine having your very own playhouse as a child with a loft, a balcony, windows, doors: everything that a regular house has! Some of these playhouses really look like miniature real houses, however you can also find some more definitely distinctive playhouses among this selection. Of course these little houses cost more than many other playhouses on the market, but they also come with so much more! If you truly want to spoil your children, you have the budget and the room in your yard, then looking through these various options from Costco would definitely be worth it: you will be so pleased and your (child)ren will be absolutely thrilled.

Lilliput Cotton Candy Manor Children's Playhouses Options Included: Loft; Sponge Painting; Hardwood Floors; Doorbell; Skylight; Door Knocker

"Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what this manor is made of. Clad in cotton-candy color siding, this sweet estate will entertain its wee occupants for hours. A brassplated doorbell and door knocker announce visitors. Inside, a loft leads to a balcony outside, while a columned porch below creates a shady spot for reading or resting. Delectable goodies inside include sponge-painted walls, simulated hardwood floors and a skylight."

Yardline Alpine Chalet Playhouse and Storage Shed Front & Rear Entry Doo

"This simple, ready-to-assemble kit features a children’s playhouse façade on one gable end and a storage building façade on the opposite gable end. The playhouse side includes a "child size" round top door, two operable aluminum windows with safety glass and insect screens, quaint shutters and functional flower boxes."

Lilliput Sassafras Castle Children's Playhouses Options Included: Fireplace

"The only thing missing is a moat! This fortress features a tower with a rock-climbing wall and an enclosed courtyard where your knight in shining armor can watch for fire-breathing dragons. Inside, a secret room is tucked away from view, accessed through a cleverly concealed opening in the fireplace. Surprise! The eyes in the portrait above the mantel slide open, so your child can slyly spy on anyone who dares to enter."

Lilliput Princess Cottage Children's Playhouses

"There is no cuter cottage in all the kingdom. Pretty pink paint and Victorian trim accent the door and shuttered windows. Gleaming brass hardware, a doorbell and a dormer window brighten the exterior, while a skylight and fanciful stenciling are sure to delight once inside. Princes and princesses alike will love climbing the ladder that leads to the cottage's loft. Our simulated hardwood floors are sturdy enough to withstand scads of scampering feet."

These playhouses can be found at costco.com

Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:47 am
Name: Linda Morton | Comment: I was not able to find these Lilliput Cottage Playhouses at Costco.com. is there somewhere else I can find these and get a price?

Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:01 pm
Name: jodi Harper URL: messages4jodi@gmail.com Comment: Hi, I wasn't able to find the playhouses anywhere on the costco website either. I checked
the costco.ca and costco.com website, under playhouse. Are they discontinued?
Can you advise on how to locate them?

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