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Wood Picnic Tables from Target

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How great would it be if you had your own picnic table in the garden. If you're looking for outdoor solutions, then Target is worth checking out. Target carries a nice selection of wood picnic tables in various sizes ranging from full size picnic tables to childrens picnic tables. These picnic tables feature various designs such as rustic, park style and log style picnic tables. Most of these sets require no or little assembly, as well as no maintenance, so it's perfect for the family which want something basic and useful that won't need too much work.

A picnic table would be perfect if you want to simply have impromptu picnics or if you simply want more outdoor seating space when guests come over. Would't it be perfect if your kid's friends come over and you can just have picnic outside instead of sitting inside! There are many different types of picnic tables to choose between, some large and some small. The kid sized ones are of course mainly for children, however picnic tables don't just have to be for kids, so if you're looking for more adult seating as well, then a large picnic table would be a practical choice as well.

So no matter what type of outdoor furniture pieces you're looking for, Target is certainly worth a visit. Over at that store you can find many nice and reasonably priced outdoor furniture, perfect for the season coming up. There are tables in various materials, however most of them are in wood. One thing to remember, is that wood does require some maintenance in order to stay in good shape, however there are also metal and plastic tables available where that isn't the case.

picnic table
Rustic Natural Cedar Log Picnic Table with Benches

"Long lasting good looks, minimum care. White cedar. Smooth sanded finish"

Park Style Log Picnic Table

"Classic rustic styling. Unfinished natural white cedar. Nice addition to your bar, patio or deck"

Picnic Table & Leg Brackets - Sand

"You determine the size. Just add 2x4’s to the 2x4basics Picnic Table Legs to make a very sturdy picnic table any length up to 8 feet. Simple assembly with only a powered screwdriver and a saw. Made of rugged, all-weather high-density polyethylene, full lifetime warranty."

Children's Picnic Table

"The kid’s table with shade umbrella has a new meaning with this outdoor table made just for them. Simple construction in 5 easy steps; all hardware included. 200 lb. maximum weight limit. ACQ pine lumber presanded with eased-edges"

These tables can be found at target.com

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