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White Christmas Tree from Walmart

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A white Christmas tree would certainly add a unique and festive touch to any home. Walmart is one store that carries a wide selection of artificial white Christmas trees in various sizes. These white Christmas trees are prelit, so they are very easy to set up. Walmart is overall a great store to visit if you're looking for holiday decorations, Christmas ornaments, garden lights, trees and more. So no matter what type of Christmas decor items you're looking for, Walmart might have something of interest.

christmas tree
4' Indiana Spruce White Tree with Clear Lights

"Mode# M-P60032 is a 4 foot Indiana Spruce White Tree with 150 UL Indoor Clear Lights. 4 foot Indian Spruce White Tree with 150 UL Indoor Clear Lights, 202 tips and tree stand"

christmas tree
7 Foot Prescott Prelit White Pine Tree with Clear Lights

"Mode# M-P80638 is a 7 foot Prescott White Pine Tree with 500 UL Indoor Clear Lights. 7.5FT Prescott Pine Tree with 800 UL Indoor Clear Lights, 1904 tips and tree stand"

These trees can be found at walmart.com

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