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Waterfall & Pond Pumps from Home Depot

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Putting a small waterfall in my garden has been a long lived dream of mine, and with these waterfall and pond pumps from Home Depot, I might be well on my way to create my outdoor sanctuary. If you're creating a pond or waterfall in your garden, then you need a pond pump to run the water, that much I have understood. If you don't get a pump then the water won't get cleaned, and if it's one thing you don't want, it's a stinky, dirty water hole in your garden! So therefore, getting a nice pump is very important, and ideally it should be a pump well suited to the sized pond or waterfall which you're planning for.

Home Depot is in fact a great store to visit as they carry a couple of different pumps in various sizes. Do you have a large pond that needs a lot of power to circulate the water - or are you building a small pond or waterfall that requires a smaller pump? A backyard pond will attract bird and wildlife and give your garden a great atmosphere. At least that's what I'm imagining myself when I picture putting an adorable waterfall and pump in my garden. I imagine sitting next to it in my comfortable lawn chair, a drink of lemonade in my hand and hearing that calming sound of moving water fill my senses. Wouldn't that just be so nice? I'm a little bit concerned about the work involved, however I imagine if I do it right from start (or maybe even hire somebody to come in and install it for me, is this necessary?) then hopefully it will mostly take care of itself and the cleaning and work involved probably is limited...

Anyway, I'm researching various pumps to use, and these below seem like good options. Of course I have to get the right one for the size of my pond and waterfall so that might be the strongest determining factor anway.

W1800 Waterfall Pump

"This 1800 gallon per hour pump can be used to create beautiful waterfalls or water features in your pond. This pump features wet rotor/wet bearing technology for cooler running, is energy efficient and features a water cooled motor. Can also handle large particles for less maintenance."

Beckett Pond & Waterfall Pump

"Pond and waterfall pump, 600 gallons per hour, wet rotor, wet bearing technology, energy efficient, cool running with quiet operation, handles large particles, 16 foot cord, 2 Year Warranty. Can Be Used Horizontal Or Vertical. Pond Or Waterfall Option"

These pond pumps can be found at homedepot.com

Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:18 am
Name: Frank Paul | Comment: Would you please send us quotation for the following:

1. Grundfos Pump:

(a) Grundfos 11 SQF-2 SQ FLEX Solar Part # 95027332
(b) Grundfos 3 SQF-3 SQ FLEX Solar Part # 95027333
(c) Grundfos 6 SQF-2 SQ FLEX Solar Part # 95027334

2: Shurflo Pumps (Model# 9325-043-101) 9300 Series DC submersible Pump

3: Lorentz pump PS1200 HR-04H with Controller

4: Lorentz pump PS1800-C with Controller

Let me know if this products fall in to your scope and I would also like to know if it is possible to make the purchases online or to send you PO (Purchase Order).

Advise if you are shipping with a freight shipping and with what carrier.

Your kind attention will be highly appreciated and I will be very glad if you treat this email with good concern.

Looking forward to receive proforma invoice from your reply.

Thanks in Anticipated.

Yours faithfully

Frank Paul
Commercial Sales Manager

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Bronx, NY 10451
United States

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