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Vinyl Storage Sheds from Costco

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Costco carries a nice selection outdoor vinyl storage sheds in various sizes. These sheds come in different designs - however they are all relatively small and very practical. Do you have your garden tools laying all over the place, or does your lawn mower need a space? Then an outdoor storage shed would probably be perfect as it would give you an opportunity to organize all your things properly and keep them protected under a roof.

These Costco vinyl storage sheds are very cute and could pass for a classic cottage style storage building. The barn style doors on these sheds really bring and air of country elegance to them. Sometimes it can be quite tricky to find a storage unit which combines good looks with practicality, but these pieces certainly seem to do just that. These sheds being made in vinyl and not wood is in fact a big bonus since vinyl is more durable, can stand up to the elements better and is easiler to clean. Simply hose down the inside of one of these buildings in order to clean it or scrub the outside down for a spotless finish.

You can find very small storage sheds that won't take up much space as well as larger models that could fit a lot of garden equipment and tools. When picking a suitable structure you should really look at what space you have to work with and then also how much storage space you actually need. So no matter what your outdoor needs are, Costco is certainly worth checking out, as they carry a wide selection of quality outdoor structures, furniture and garden products.

Manor 10' x 12' Vinyl Sided Storage Building

"Sheds USA sheds are designed with both style and functionality in mind. The barn style roof on The Manor maximizes wall space making it perfect for storing yard tools and lawn equipment. Barn style roof. Self sealing shingles. Maintenance free vinyl siding. Standard vinyl siding color - Tan"

The Cottage 8' x 12' Vinyl Sided Storage Building

"The Cottage combines a traditional peak roof with distinctive tongue and groove pine siding. This shed is perfect for storing seasonal outdoor items like pool furniture, lawn mowers or snow blowers. Peak style roof. Self sealing shingles. Maintenance free vinyl siding"

Haven 4' x 8' Vinyl Sided Storage Building

"The Haven is great for townhouse owners or for yards that need a smaller storage solution. Its design satisfies most homeowner association covenants. You’ll love the low maintenance vinyl siding. Push mowers, long handle garden tools, lawn care products easily fit in The Haven."


These storage sheds can be found at costco.com

Tue May 17, 2011 9:29 am
Name: Matt | Comment: Hi...Is this Haven 4' x 8' Vinyl Sided Storage Building shed still available?



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