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Vinyl Fence Selection at Home Depot

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A vinyl fence is easy to put together, elegant, requires little maintenance, and it's affordable. If you're looking for vinyl fencing, then Home Depot carries a couple of nice pieces such as a scallop fence, privacy screen, gate kit as well as corner posts. These vinyl fences are classic and would fit in with most peoples houses and gardens. Getting a new fence up can be a really good thing to do, especially if your old fence is starting to look a bit worn, or if you don't have a nice fence. After all, one of these fences will do wonders for your curb appeal, and it would also be a nice addition if you're looking to create some more privacy between your back (or front) yard and your neighbors, or the street.

Some of these fences are very simple, whereas some are a little more romantic and ornamental. Picking the right one can be a bit tricky at times. One good advice is always to look at the general structure and styling of your house and try to follow it. Do you live in a small cottage or bungalow? Then a nice white picket fence might be a good idea. On the other hand, if you live in a gothic brick house, then a black metal fence might be more suitable. Another thing to maybe think about is whether you need a matching gate to your fence, or perhaps a nice arbor or trellis if you're also looking to add a decorative element to your garden. It can definitely be a good opportunity to get a nice arbor that connects to your new fence, if you're into that charming, cottage country appearance (of course an arbor in wrought iron could also connect to a similar fence very nicely.) So no matter what type of house additions or garden furniture you're looking for, Home Depot is great to check out. They offer a pretty nice selection of fences in various heights and sizes and their prices are pretty good too. 

Veranda 48 In. x 8 Ft. Chesapeake Scallop Fence (V-23)

"The Chesapeake Scallop fencing style can provide the decorative addition to your yard you've been looking for. Made of white vinyl, all Veranda products are maintenance free. No more scraping, sanding or painting - just spray off with a garden hose and go."

Veranda 6 Ft. x 6 Ft. Lancaster Privacy (V-20)

"If total privacy is what you are searching for, Lancaster's no gap solid construction provides just that. Made of white vinyl, all Veranda products are practically maintenance free. No more scraping, sanding or painting - just spray off with a garden hose and go. Pro-series construction offers ease of installation and gives you the look of a custom made job."

Veranda 48 In. x 44 In. Chesapeake Scallop Gate Kit

"The Chesapeake Scallop Gate combines classic styling with the modern appeal of maintenance free vinyl. Pro-series gates are easy to assemble, freeing your time to pursue other interests. Because the gate is made of maintenance free vinyl, you will never scrape, sand or paint again!"

Veranda 4-3/4 In. x 4-3/4 In. x 98 In. Corner Post (V-20)

"This Veranda vinyl fence post is recommended for installation of fence panels four feet and higher. Maintenance free vinyl posts will never need to be scraped, sanded or painted. Transferable, limited lifetime warranty. Easy to install"

These fences can be found at homedepot.com

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