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Unique Metal Wind Chimes from Home Depot

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If you're looking for a unique wind chime, then Home Depot might be worth a visit. Home Depot carries a nice selection of metal wind chimes as well as porcelain wind chimes that are quite cheap and affordable. These wind chimes are available in many different models and styles ranging from classic to contemporary. A wind chime is perfect if you're looking to add a decorative element as well as a soothing sound to your outdoor space. So no matter what type of house additions or garden products you're looking for, Home Depot is great to check out - they have a wide selection, quality brands and reasonable prices.

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Russco III Majestic Emperor - Long 4-Tube Wind Chime - Black

"Not only does this wind chime look regal, it sounds stately when its chimes ring out. Attached to a black powder coated ring, these hand-tuned chimes will ring in low tones. At 74 inches long, this wind chime will be the center of attention."

wind chime
Sticks + Stones Dragonfly Can Chime

"You have found the most unique wind chime on the market. This can chime is a combination of ceramic, metal, and copper. The ceramic disc inside collides with an internal wire frame to create a soothing tone."

wind chime
Russco III Scalloped Wood & Faux Stone Accent Wind Chime - Jade

"This elegantly designed wind chime will add charm to any decor. Dangling below the faux jade stone with its scalloped edge, are 6 hand-tuned, bright bronze chimes. When this wind chime catches a breeze, it will ring in mellow tones."

wind chimes
Sticks + Stones Shell Bell Windchime, Seahorse Finial

"This exquisite and highly detailed porcelain shell resonates beautiful tones. A metal seahorse and acrylic beads accent this elegant and dynamic hanging sculpture."

These wind chimes can be found at homedepot.com

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