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Umbrella Stand Selection at Lowes

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A great looking umbrella is an invaluable piece of outdoor furniture when the sun is hot - however you do need an umbrella stand as well. Lowes is one store that carries a couple of nice patio umbrella stands that fit a variety of different umbrellas. These umbrella bases from Lowes are very stylish and are made in materials such as wrought iron and cast iron - so they are definitely heavy enough.

You want an umbrella stand to definitely provide weight and stability, or else your umbrella might tip over on a windy day. Some cheaper models can appear light and flimsy and you definitely want to stay away from those, it's quite important that your stand is strong and can withstand heavy winds as well as rain. Some umbrella stands you fill with water or sand in order to give them more weight whereas others are made in metal and provide that weight themselves. Over at Lowes you can find quite a few different models to choose between: they are sturdy as well as affordable and that is certainly important because once you purchase a stylish umbrella, you don't want to overspend on your stand. Wrought iron or cast iron is certainly a good choice in terms of material since it looks nice and it's also strong and durable.

umbrella stand
Garden Treasures 20" Round Umbrella Base

"Wrought iron with slate powder-coated finish for durability. Easy to assemble; no tools required"

Garden Treasures Cast Iron 18" Black Umbrella Base

"18"D x 12". Cast iron with black powder coated finish for durability. Easy to assemble; no tools required"

These umbrella stands can be found at lowes.com

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