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Tillers & Cultivators from Home Depot by Ryobi, Cub Cadet, Earthquake & Yard Machines

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Home Depot carries a nice selection of garden tillers and cultivators by brands such as Ryobi, Cub Cadet, Earthquake and Yard Machines. These tillers and cultivators would be great if you're looking to garden your land and plant a large amount of seeds and crops. These tillers from Home Depot are very sturdy, and built for lots of consistent use - they will make the job so much easier. So no matter what type of garden equipment, patio furniture, outdoor structures, or garden tools and supplies you're looking for, Home Depot is great to check out - they have a wide selection, affordable prices and quality brands.

RYOBI 25.4 CC Gas Cultivator

"Designed to provide dependable power, exceptional deep digging capability in any soil and the versatility to help with compact soil break-up, soil blending, mulching and weeding. With groundbreaking design that is rugged, yet lightweight and compact. Equipped with the exclusive JustAddSand weight system that holds up to 13 pounds of sand so the unit digs deeper and remains stable, without bouncing.

Cub Cadet 160 CC Honda GC Front Tine Tiller

"Start the perfect garden or flowerbed with Cub Cadet's 160 CC Front-Tine Tiller. The tines rotate in a forward direction, pulling the tiller through the dirt. The rear-mounted wheels provide the ability to transport the unit and help to guide the machine. The depth stake prevents the unit from running away and gives the operator more control."

EARTHQUAKE Electric Start Mini Cultivator

"No more sore arms from pull starting, finally the ease of electric start for all your cultivating needs. This 43cc mini cultivator is perfect for maintaining your flower beds, maneuvering between shrubs, vegetable plants and around trees. Keep those weeds at bay and the soil aerated for a whole season of gardening success!"

Yard Machines 31CC, 2-Cycle Yard & Garden Cultivator

"This lightweight easy to use yard and garden cultivator has a 31CC, 2-cycle MTD engine, 8 In. diameter tines, and cultivating depth up to 5 In. Makes this easy to handle and gets the job done. With a heavy-duty gearbox, fingertip throttle control and a centrifugal clutch, it provides a consistent transmission of power to tines under varying soil conditions."

These tillers can be found at homedepot.com

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