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Taylor Rain Gauge from Ace Hardware

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A rain gauge is perfect if you're looking to measure how much rain you get where you live. Ace Hardware is one store that carries a nice selection of Taylor rain gauge units in various styles. There are lots of different units to choose between. For instance, you can find wireless rain gauges and thermometers, sprinklers and calendar and clock functions just to mention a few different options. Some of these rain gauges are slightly more sophisticated and record more data, whereas others are more straight forward.

It can definitely be quite fun to measure how much it rains where you live and you don't have to get a complicated, expensive unit. In fact, often simple is more and you could purchase a unit that simply just measure how much rain has fallen. However, if you're looking to gain more information, perhaps one of these units that measure the daily, weekly and even monthly rainfalls would be interesting. Another unit also measure the temperature so you could definitely kill two birds with one stone. To check out your local home improvement or hardware store is definitely the way to go if you're looking for these types of products, and Ace Hardware has a nice selection of different things. These Taylor rain gauges come in various styles and builds, so no matter what type you would prefer, you should be able to find something suitable for your needs.

rain gauge
Taylor Digital Wireless Rain Gauge & Thermometer

"Outdoor rainfall receptor measures and self-empties daily rainfall, while indoor base unit records daily and weekly (or monthly) rainfall totals. Unit includes on RF outdoor temperature sensor. Indoor and outdoor temperature display on base unit. Function also includes calendar and clock"

rain gauge
Taylor 2 For 1 Sprinkler And Rain Gauge

"Yellow base. Black centimeters & inches. 1 year warranty"

Taylor ClearVu Easy Read Rain Gauge

"Weather-resistant construction. Tapered end for ground or post mounting. Bold easy to read measurement increments. Measures in inches and millimeters. 5" or 127mm capacity. Clear with yellow background"

Taylor Jumbo Read Rain Gauge & Thermometer

"Thermometer accurate from - 40 deg. F to 120 deg. F. Rain gauge utilizes plastic tube with 5" capacity. Unique rain gauge memory track. Bold, easy-to-read measurement increments. High impact plastic construction for outdoor durability. Tapered end for ground or post mounting"

These rain gauges can be found at acehardware.com

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