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Storm Doors from Lowes by Larson, Pella & Comfort-Blt

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A storm door is very practical and can really add a nice touch to your house. If you're looking for storm doors, then Lowes carries a couple of really nice options by Larson, Pella and Comfort-Blt. These doors come in many different styles and sizes such as doors with retractable screens and secure doors. These doors are made in aluminum and wood with brass details and there are quite a few models to choose between.

To install a storm door makes a lot of sense, since it can help you with your energy bills and some doors convert from adding extra protection during the winter to providing an insect screen during the summer. If correctly done, installing one of these doors can really make a big difference in your home.

Larson storm doors are made in aluminum and feature very sleek, simple designs. Some of these doors are retractable and come with laminated security glass. If you compare these doors with other brands, then they are inexpensive which may be one reason why the quality isn't quite as high. Quality and price usually go hand in hand and that is especially true when it comes to windows and doors. The Pella screen doors are also sleek and feature a heavy duty frame construction. Comfort-Bilt storm doors which are adjustable and self storing are also worth checking out if you're about to replace your windows and doors. Overall Lowes storm doors are affordable and many feature good looking hardware and additional details that set them apart.

Update: It seems like many people are having issues with the Larson storm doors. It seems like some customers have had a pretty poor customer relations experience with Lowes, which is too bad. However, it's important to keep in mind that some of these storm doors are affordable for a reason; the quality simply isn't there, or: you get what you pay for. Doors and windows are certainly something which is worth investing some more resources on. After all, they do make up the bones of your house and get used all the time. Doors can however be terribly expensive, so it may seem like a good idea at times to get a new door for a low price.

Larson 36" White Secure Elegance Storm Door

"Beautiful, full view enhanced security storm door
Guardian multi-point locking system secures door in three places. Laminated security glass withstands repeated blows, reduces noise and blocks 99% of UV rays. Durable 1 5/8" overlapping aluminum frame for a tight seal. Solid brass interior and exterior handles with deadbolt security lock"

Larson 32" White Savannah Retractable Screen Storm Door

"Amazing ScreenAway Retractable Screen System; see it only when you need it. Built-in retractable screen retracts into a hidden cassette when not in use. Solid wood core with DuraTech finish for age and weather resistance. Brass finish interior and exterior SecureLock handle with built-in lock system
Brass-tone bottom sweep"

Pella 36" White Montgomery Rolscreen Storm Door

"Rolscreen retractable screen adjusts to any position for ventilation. Heavy duty 1-5/8" overlapping aluminum frame for a tight seal. Solid brass handleset with keyed deadbolt"

Comfort-Bilt 36" White Fremont Storm door

"Self-storing window and screen are fully adjustable for ventilation. 1" aluminum frame. Handle with security lock"

These doors can be found at lowes.com

Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:28 am
Name: Harry Jett | Comment: I purchased a alumium storm door from Lowes of Charleston,SC. Which had a life -
time warranty.Well the door is still working so as a doorbut it has been corroding
sinceabout three plus years.The wife and I both have gone back to the store with
pictures of said door[not able to find any ID #.It was purchase with their card,thesay that it can not be found. We paid about $400. for this door because of the dorr
having a life time warranty.The door is falling apart.I see that you have larson
alumium doors,if you cant help me solve this problem,please
harryjett@bellsouth.net Harry Jett Jr.,3638 Moonglow Drive,John's Island
South Carolina, 29455

Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:06 am
Name: J Prager | Comment: Whatever you do, do not buy a Larson Savannah model storm door. It is very poorly made. We had Lowes install it and the closer fell off the first week. Then they came back and repaired it, but the closer came off again at the 5 week mark. I paid over $300 installed, so I called and wrote to the Larson door company. GOT NO ANSWER. Called again at the 5 week mark, and they claim they can't find my letter from Jul. 24th. So far, they have not done a thing to correct the problem.

Buyers Beware. The Savannah storm door is flimsy and has a weak closer to door connection that will pop out if you barely bump into it. BUY A DIFFERENT BRAND. Larson doors look nice, but don't last, and their Customer Service is no help at all. Their warranty is next to nothing, too, if you read the fine print. But, the main problem is a cheaply made product and a company that does not stand behind it.

Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:55 am
Name: | Comment:

Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:26 pm
Name: lloyd | Comment: I too had problems with the Savannah. I wanted a back door that was not all glass, so chose the Savannah. Have had closer problems and door no longer closes tightly; just seems cheaply made.

Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:44 am
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