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Storage Sheds by Rubbermaid, Handy Home, Arrow & Star Lumber from Home Depot

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Home Depot carries a nice selection of storage sheds by brands such as Handy Home, Arrow & Star Lumber, so if you have been considering maybe getting a new structure for your yard, then one of these could certainly be worth looking further into. An outdoor storage shed is a great investment if you need somewhere to store all those garden tools and equipment and you have the extra space. After all, unless you keep your tools and equipment well protected, they will rust and generally deteriorate, so it's definitely imperative that you keep them under cover and ideally keep them away from rain and moisture.

Many people solve this issue by simple keeping these kinds of things in the garage, however there is a limit to how many things you can really keep in the garage, and by the way, shouldn't the car go in there and perhaps associated car tools? So if you don't have a huge garage, or if you simply would like a dedicated spot for all those other things which seem to take up a lot of space, then getting a shed surely seems like a good idea. 

These storage sheds are made in materials such as vinyl, wood and metal, and they come in various sizes, so you can find a model that fits your needs and preferences. Picking the right material can definitely be a bit tricky: vinyl and plastic is of course very durable, plus structures made in those materials ar often pretty cheap too. However, personally I think you really can't get anything more charming than wood - with wood you get a nice structure, plus you can always paint the shed in a matching color to your house to get a really nice overall theme going. Home Depot is pretty good for all of these kinds of purchases though; they have a nice selection and their prices are competitive.

Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra Shed

"This strong and durable outdoor storage building resists moisture and doesn’t require maintenance. It provides a place to easily access things you use to care for your lawn and garden. The pitched roof chases away rain and snow, while durable resin construction protects items in all seasons."

Handy Home Products 8 ft. X 10 ft. Montana Shed

"Lots of stand-tall storage for room to grow. The Montana features 6 Ft. side walls and a 10 Ft. high peak. Extra-wide double doors provide easy access for riding mowers, lawn equipment and other large items. Includes storage loft and FREE gable window. Select and purchase paint and shingles to match your home. Check with your local code authority before placing your order."

Arrow 8 Ft. x 3 Ft. Garden Shed Storage building

Discover the value of compact storage in your own backyard with the 122 cubic feet Garden Shed. Perfect for yard equipment, bicycles and much more, this multi-purpose storage center comes with a steel floor frame that is perfect for a plywood floor finish (wood is not included). You will get added storage space with four large shelves and a handy tool hanger rack. Swing-open, core-backed doors provide added storage space."

Star Lumber LLC 10 Ft. x 8 Ft. Cedar Storage Shed

"Star Lumber cedar shed kit contains floor, framing, cedar bevel siding, and complete how-to instructions. All Star Cedar Sheds include exclusive, fast & easy to apply cedar shingle roof panels. To ensure durability and enhance the appearance of your shed we recommend you stain or paint it when assembly is complete."

These storage sheds can be found at homedepot.com

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