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Storage Buildings from Lowes by Heartland, Lifetime, Arrow & Duraworx

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If you're looking for something larger than an outdoor storage shed for your garden, then perhaps a storage building would be more appropriate. Lowes is one store that carries a couple of nice storage buildings by brands such as Heartland, Lifetime, Arrow & Duraworx in various styles and sizes. You can find large and small buildings, some come with a floor and some do not. Some buildings feature large doors in order to fit larger tractors and other equipment, whereas others have more normally sized doors. If you're having trouble fitting all of your things (this could be bikes, garden tools, maybe equipment etc...) then getting a storage building will give you a very large amount of extra space, this can be very practical, however you do need to choose wisely so you get an appropriate structure for your needs and space. 

A Heartland storage building would fit perfect next to a traditional home, since they are all decorative and made out of wood. There are lots of great options here: if you're concerned about aesthetics, then you have so many neat designs and styles to choose from here. A Lifetime storage building on the other hand is made out of polyethylene and steel and would be great if you're looking for a no maintenance structure. These buildings are very strong and durable, and should stand up to wear and tear for many years to come. The Duraworx storage buildings are similar to the Lifetime models since they feature no maintenance materials and simple designs. But the strongest, most durable sheds of them all are the Arrow storage buildings. These sheds are made out of steel and would be perfect if you want a very reliable building, however you don't need it to match the decor of your house. 

Because that is definitely something to consider. If this is a storage building for your home, then it can look nice if the building actually matches your home. If on the other hand you don't really care about that, or it won't be in close approximity to your house, then you have many more options to choose between.

So no matter what type of storage structures or sheds you need, Lowes is certainly worth checking out.

storage building
Heartland 10' x 10' Rainier Storage Building - DIY

"Pre-assembled, pre-hung 5'4"W x 6'H double simplify assembly. Treated, factory-primed engineered wood siding. Heavy-duty, rust-resistant swivel hasp - add a padlock to secure your building’s contents. Continuous galvanized steel hinges resists door sagging"

Arrow 10' x 14' x 7'2"H Lindale Steel Storage Building

"4'10"H x 4'7"W door accommodates outdoor equipment up to 4'7" wide. Over 7 ft. tall inside for greater inside space and headroom. Roomy barn-style roof design. Wide door opening for easy storage of large equipment such as tractor mowers"

Lifetime 8'W x 5'L x 8'H Polyethylene Storage Building

"Low maintenance - no painting, rust or rot. Sturdy, steel-reinforced construction. Dent-resistant, double-wall, high-density polyethylene panels. UV-protected to prevent fading and cracking. High-pitched roof"

storage building
Duraworx 6'L x 8'4"W x 7'1"H Duraworx Apex Resin Storage Building

"300 cu. ft. of storage space (48 sq. ft.). Floor included. 6'H x 4'7"W door dimensions. Maintenance-free, will not rust or rot. Metal-reinforced construction. Skylight"

These storage buildings can be found at lowes.com

Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:32 am
Name: Amy | Comment: I just purchase a Heartland storage building and it was very easy to set up since it was pre assembled. I picked blue wood siding to go with my house and the colors don't quite match, but I still think that this building will work out for us.

Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:00 am
Name: Paula Bridges | Comment: The Rainier 10 X 10 Heartland storage building is a piece of junk. The floor sags and flexes when you walk on it and causes cracks between the sheets of flooring. The main foundation boards have already split and have bowed. The doors did not fit. There are cracks between the floor and the walls. I had to pay a handyman to come out and re hang doors. The entire building is made of very thin chip board of some kind. I purchased this on April 14 and this is only July 6. Have had to caulk 3 times all the floor joints and where floor meets walls to try to keep out bugs and dirt. BEWARE

Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:59 am
Name: Gisela Wolf Comment: I saw a shed in USA called Summit 16' x 20' and one 16' x 24', do you sell these in Canada?

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