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Stihl Electric Chain Saws

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An electric chain saw is great if you don't want to deal with gas or oil. If you're looking for an electric chain saw, then Stihl is a great brand to consider. Stihl electric chain saws are well known because of their durability, quality and great performance abilities. Stihl carries a couple of different electric chain saws for the occasional, mid range and professional user. All of these chain saws come with cords, and you simply plug it in the wall. Some of these chain saws are perfectly suitable for constant, heavy duty work and feature excellent power-to-weight ratio. Other chainsaws are perfect for the home owner who only once in a while needs a chain saw, and these models are slightly cheaper, however they feature many details of the more advanced models. So if you're looking for a quality electric saw, Stihl is a great brand to consider.


MSE 140 C-BQ Stihl Electric Chain Saw

"Suitable for a variety of light-duty commercial cutting needs. Wide trigger switch makes operation easier. Standard features include the STIHL Quick Chain Adjuster (B) and secondary coast down brake (Q)."


MSE 180 C-BQ Electric Chain Saw

"An excellent power-to-weight ratio plus several other features make the MSE 180 C-BQ an excellent buy. This saw includes a slip clutch, which helps protect the motor if the chain should stall, thermal overload switch, Ematic bar lubrication system. The MSE 180 C-BQ also includes Quick Chain Adjuster (B) and secondary coast down brake (Q)."


MSE 220 Electric Chain Saw

"Convenient and lightweight, this high-powered electric is used by carpenters and builders as well as homeowners. It features a thermal overload switch, automatic chain oiling and side-access chain tensioner. Heavy-duty magnesium construction for professional use. Significantly higher torque than the MSE 180 C-BQ. Sturdy design. Side access chain tensioner. Thermal overload switch. Oil level inspection window"


These chain saws can be found at stihlusa.com

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