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Smokers & Fryers from Costco by King Kooker & Grand Café

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If you like to cook outdoors, then you must check out the smoker and fryer selection from Costco. In case you're serious about cooking, then you probably will really like one of these units. With a fryer as well as a smoker a whole new world of cooking possiblities open up: you can smoke fish, meat, vegetables etc... and with frying there are many cool dishes one can make which are so much easier in a real fryer.

Costco might not be the first place you think of, however they carry a nice collection of outdoor smokers and fryers by brands such as King Kooker & Grand Café. Like with most things they sell there: the things are of good quality, rather large and substantial and you can get pretty good deals too. Some of these smokers are quite large and will allow you to cook a lot of food at the same time. This would be perfect if you enjoy having large parties, or simply cooking for a lot of family and friends. Check out the Grand Cafe gas smoker for instance. This is a quite large unit and it's made in stainless steel so if you want something very durable and easy to use, then this would probably be a good choice. The King Kooker propane smooker owuld be another option. This one doesn't feature quite as nice a facade, however it works nicely and would be great for all kinds of projects. So no matter what type of cooking equipment you have in mind, you should pay Costco a visit: they have lots of great stuff for good prices.

Grand Café LP Gas Smoker

"The Grand Café LP Gas Smoker is exclusively designed with exceptional 304-grade stainless steel construction for durability and long life. Prized for its outstanding performance at high temperature cooking and its excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, 304-grade stainless steel is the absolute best material for outdoor cooking equipment."

King Kooker Low Pressure Propane Smoker

"Burgers by the pool. Ribs before the game. Tailgating and backyard parties are what King Kooker is all about. Nothing even comes close to the flavor of foods smoked the King Kooker way. We build our charcoal smokers to cook easy and steady."

King Kooker Watchdog Cooker

"When you fry turkey, fish, shrimp, oysters, chicken or even okra the King Kooker way, you'll serve a treat that's always golden brown and crisp on the outside, tender and juicy inside. Delicious. And never, ever greasy. Because your King Kooker delivers the heat that fries just right, sealing in the flavor."

King Kooker Outdoor Chef's Hot Tub

"The Outdoor Chef’s “Hot tub”. The most versatile cooker package on the market. Fry up to a 20lb. turkey horizontally. Fry or boil two foods with dual baskets, or fry up to four whole chickens at once using the skewer accessories. Steam mussels and clams, or simmer soups and stews. Serve hot chocolate and coffee through the pot’s spigot, or make clean up easy."

These smokers can be found at costco.com

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