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Small, Portable Green Houses from Sears

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I have been out there looking for a long time for a very small, yet portable green house and I think I have finally come across a good candidate, over at Sears. For all of those people who don't have a super large garden to work with, but that still would like to start the growing season early (and keep on it later in the season), then one of these small greenhouses might indeed be quite perfect.  These portable green houses are easy to set up and move - however they provide all the benefits of a traditional green house would. One of these units would be ideal to start seedlings in early (or throughout the season if you don't want to use your living room or some other space in your house!) and then you can transplant them to the garden. These greenhouses are also large enough to enable you to move larger pots in at night (especially great when it's starting to get a bit chillier in the evenings further into the fall.)

When I see these super cute small green houses I immediately picture starting tomato, pepper, and salad seedlings in there. This will dramatically make my growing season more productive, so even if a greenhouse like this will take up a fair amount of space, it's a very well use of space. And, don't forget, you can also keep on gardening various plants throughout the fall, winter and spring which wouldn't have a chance in the regular climate out there. Plus, wouldn't it be fun to maybe grow some tropical plants inside the greenhouse such as a lemon tree or maybe some chili peppers! I also like the fact of how these greenhouses are portable. That way, it doesn't feel like quite the same commitement as to where to place it: you could always move it later if you want to (or if you actually were to move to a different property, then you could probably just take it along with you.) I do realize that these tiny greenhouses from Sears are not going to be as sturdy and reliable as some of the more expensive, larger models, and the question is simply - how sturdy are they? I don't mind if they are a bit prone to swaggering in the wind, however I certainly don't want it to blow away!

PatioGrower Greenhouse

"Garden Greenhouse Backyard Hobby Greenhouse. Perfect for Plants, vegetabes, or starting seeds."

green house
Rion 6 x 8 ft. Easy2Build Greenhouse

"The Easy2Build greenhouse frame is made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum. It has a 6 mil polyethylene cover that has 93% light penetration. The easy lock fastening system for the polyethylene sheets creates a perfect seal for high quality temperature and humidity control"

green house
FlowerHouse Spring House Portable Greenhouse

"FlowerHouse has created a revolutionary line of self-erecting portable greenhouses. Their lightweight design makes transport, set-up and takedown easier than ever before. FlowerHouses are perfect for creating beautiful, high-quality gardens. They provide superior protection for your plants from insects, birds, frost, wind and weather. Shielded from the outside, the inside provides optimum air circulation which promotes accelerated growth."

green house
FlowerHouse StarterHouse Self-Erecting Greenhouse

"Constructed with superior Gro-Tec material, FlowerHouses are 100% waterproof and are UV resistant. The StarterHouse self-erecting greenhouse sets up in seconds without any tools! 34" high x 96" wide x 48" deep. Wide access panels and roll-up vent panels on both sides close securely with zippers. Two small ground-level access ports are also provided for garden hoses or power cords."

These green houses can be found at sears.com

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