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Shade Sails from Costco

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I absolutely love love love this idea of shade sails (available to buy at Costco among other places). Isn't this just the most ingenious and interesting way of adding a shady spot to your garden or patio! These shade sails really give your outdoor area such a fun and sophisticated touch - plus they're practical. And what I really like about these is that they feel a bit whimsical, just like out of a fairytale!

In the description of the Coolaroo triangle shade sails they suggest you use the sail to create the perfect party atmosphere, and wouldn't that be great. I can imagine I could transform my little garden and make it super cozy, not to mention more comfortable to spend time in during hot and sunny days. I wonder however, once you have put this shade sail up, do you keep it up or do you have to take it down once the day is over? I can imagine that if you keep it up for days or even weeks on end, wouldn't it get dirty, and leaves and debris would get stuck up there? However if you need to take it down every day it seems a bit like a hassle!

I really like however that these sails seem so much more flexible than let's say an umbrella. Judging from the picture you could actually put one of these sails up between trees or in some other configuration that works specifically for your property. That enables you to create a shade spot instantly! So even if you have to take it down (which I don't know about), I think this would be a neat purchase. So Costco: here I come, I hope you still have these in stock over at my store - however if not, I wouldn't be surprised if I could find these at some other store too...

Coolaroo Shade Sail with Mounting Hardware

"A unique concept from the land down under! The Coolaroo Shade Sail brings comfort and stylish solutions from the unrelenting heat of the sun to your outdoor area. Don’t let the dangerous UV Rays keep you indoors. Protect your family and friends with a Coolaroo Shade Sail. Shade Sails are architecturally attractive prepackaged shade sails that add a new dimension to your outdoor living."

Coolaroo 9'10" Triangle Shade Sails

"Create the perfect party atmosphere and beat the heat with a new concept from the land down under! CoolarooÒ Party Sails bring protection, portability and pizzazz to any occasion. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications, create inviting outdoor gatherings or imaginative indoor play areas. Use outdoors in parks, at picnics, in backyards, over sandboxes and swing sets and enjoy the sail’s 90% UV block keeping you and your family cooler and more comfortable."

These shade sails can be found at costco.com

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