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Rubber Mulch from Costco - Playground & Landscaping

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If you're looking for rubber mulch for a playground or landscaping, then Costco might be worth checking out. Costco carries a wide selection of rubber mulch in various styles such as recycled mulch, shredded rubber mulch and playground safety rubber mulch. This material is a great alternative to sand, stones or grass - it's easy to maintain and it looks great. One thing that's really nice about this type of material, especially for use around playgrounds is how soft it is! It's perfect to use around swings and other sets where there may be a bit of a fall if your child falls down, as the softness of the mulch definitely would dampen the fall.

Of course you could opt for something like this simply because you like the look of it and use it to do landscaping in your garden. The red nugget rubber mulch can certainly create a strong breaking look next to a house: the color is quite intense and would create a nice contrast. You can also find green playground mulch which at first appearance looks a bit like grass, however once you look closer, it's actually mulch. This might be a good product if you want the mulch to blend in with the surrounding grass, however you want to benefit of the soft surface for playing purposes.

Another thing you can find is recycled rubber mulch which is in fact made by shredded tires, so if you're concerned about the environment and you aim to use as many recycled products as possible, then this may be the perfect mulch for you. So no matter what your outdoor needs are, Costco might be the place to go: they carry a lot of different products which you might be surprised to find and their prices aren't too bad either.

Red Nugget Rubber Mulch 100 Cubic Feet

"Rubber Mulch is an eco friendly product that has benefits to a variety of applications. It can be used for landscaping and in playgrounds. The process used to make rubber mulch removes all toxic elements, steel belts and threads as well as adds UV protection so the mulch looks good year after year. In fact, it is difficult to tell apart from organic root mulch in its standard mulch color."

Bags of Recycled Rubber Mulch

"KidWise supplies Rubber Mulch in a variety of colors from some of the finest recyclers in the country. Price includes residential lift gate delivery right to your home on a pallet with about 2000 lbs. of rubber playground mulch. Each pallet includes 75 cubic feet, which will cover 300-square feet to 3-inches deep, which is rated for a 5-foot fall height."

RubberStuff Playground Safety Surface

"Not only does RubberStuff Playground Safety Surface look great, it greatly reduces risk of serious injuries from playground falls. Each year, playground falls result in 140,000 injuries – but unlike sand, dirt, and mulch, RubberStuff's Playground Mulch is a non-abrasive, non-toxic, and low maintenance alternative that includes a 15 year colorfast warranty! Each pallet (66 bags) covers 231 square feet when applied at a 4” depth."

Shredded Rubber Mulch 80 Cubic Feet

"Pregra Shredded Rubber Mulch is made from 100% recycled tires. Pregra's most natural looking rubber mulch is available in realistic color and is all weather rated. The process used to make rubber mulch removes all toxic elements, steel belts and threads as well as adds UV protection so the mulch looks good year after year."

These mulch products can be found at costco.com

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