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Retractable Screen Doors from Home Depot

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Retractable screen doors are so practical in the summer when it's warm - it lets your keep the door open and letting cool air in while keeping insects and bugs outside. Home Depot is one store that carries a nice selection of retractable screen doors in standard, short and tall sizes. These screen doors are very basic and simple, and they work very well.

If you're on a budget and you don't want to spend too much on something like this, then buying an ODL retractable screen could be a good idea. Of course they don't feature the best quality, but they are good enough and you could get a lot of use out of one. 

If you currently don't have a screen door, then you are surely missing out, especially during the warmer parts of the year. It can add such a refreshing breeze to keep the door open, however it can be rather unpleasant to get bugs and insects in your home. A screen door would prevent that and enable you to get that fresh air into your home. Some screen doors on the market also work as storm doors so you can replace the screen with glass during the times of year when you don't need a screen. These below don't feature that part, however there are plenty of those models to choose between as well. Either way, Home Depot could be worth a visit since they have a wide selection and pretty good prices too.

ODL Standard Height Sandstone Retractable Screen

"This ODL Sandstone Retractable Screen is 81-3/16 In. tall from the top end cap to the borrom end cap and fits 80 In. in-swing doors and is designed for an easy do-it-yourself installation. The rugged weather-stripping in tracks keep dirt and insects where they belong - outside. The screen also features the exclusive Slam-Proof system to ensure a safe recoil into the housing, with no pinched fingers."

ODL Short Height White Retractable Screen

"The short white retractable screen housing is 79-7/8 In. tall and fits 6 Ft.6 In. in-swing doors and 6 Ft.8 In. out0swing doors. Only available in white. Screen covers single doors up to 36 In. wide or double doors up to 72 In. wide (two screens required for this application). Replacement screen catridges available should screen ever become dmaged. Installed items are not returnable."

These doors can be found at homedepot.com

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