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Residential Mailboxes from Costco by Amco & ETL - Pedestal & Wall Mount

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A sturdy and elegant mailbox does not have to be difficult to find within Costco's selection. Costco carries a couple of nice residential mailboxes by Amco and ETL. You can find pedestal mailboxes, wall mount mailboxes and secure mail vaults that come with an electronic lock. All of these mailboxes are very sturdy and durable as well as good looking. Some people neglect to pick a nice mailbox, however you really should be a bit more careful since the mailbox is the first thing that guests and visitors will see so you could say it's like a front to your home. 

It can definitely be a good idea to pick a mailbox that goes with the style of your home, and since there are so many different ones to choose between, it really shouldn't be very difficult to do. These units are available in a few different colors, so you're sure to find something that fits in with the decor and look of your house and garden.

The colonial wall mount mailbox for example is made out of cast aluminum which is durable and lightweight. The SecureLogic Mail Vault would be great if you want to make sure your mail is safe. This can certainly be something worth looking into: if you have nosy neighboors or if you have valuable mail delivered to you, it can be a good idea to ge a more secure mailbox which people can't simply open up. It's amazing how vulnerable your mail really are unless you have a secure unit. So no matter what type of garden or home products you're looking for, Costco would be worth a look since they have a surprising amount of home products and their prices tend to be pretty reasonable too!

Amco Bronze Colonial Pedestal Mailbox

"The Amco Classic Mailbox Collection is designed to offer an elegant and secure means to hold your mail. The Collection offers a wide array of styles and timeless designs available in unique finishes to complement any home. Quality craftsmanship goes into each piece for added strength and durability for years of enjoyment."

Amco Khaki Colonial Wall Mount Mailbox

"The elegant Colonial Wall mount Mailbox is made of lightweight yet durable cast aluminum. Filigree accents the front access door that has a small peek-in window to check mail. Secured lock on the front door protects your mail. Amco was established 20 years ago as a metal casting manufacturer whose underlying mission was to provide quality solutions"

ETL SecureLogic Mail Vault

"The SecureLogic Mail Vault is the first truly secure residential mailbox designed to eliminate the problem of identity theft through stolen mail approved by the United States Postmaster General. The SecureLogic Mail Vault utilizes 14 gauge solid steel construction and a tamper proof electronic locking mechanism to keep your incoming mail safe"


These mailboxes can be found at costco.com

Sun May 05, 2013 7:37 am
Name: Ginette URL: Ginmart43@aol.com Comment: Can a house number be added ti this mailbox ?

Sun May 05, 2013 7:41 am
Name: Ginette URL: Ginmart43@aol.com Comment: Can a house number be added ti this mailbox ?

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