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Reel Lawn Mowers from Home Depot by Scotts & Great States

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If you're looking for a lawn mower that's environmentally friendly, then a reel lawn mower might be just perfect. Home Depot carries a couple of reel lawn mowers by brands such as Scotts and Great States Corp. These reel lawn mowers require no gas or electricity, and they will give you some exercise as well. While these reel mowers aren't practical if you have a very large lawn, they are perfect if you have a small lawn that needs tending. So no matter what type of patio furniture, outdoor structures, or garden equipment you're looking for, Home Depot is great to check out - they have a wide selection, affordable prices and quality brands.

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Scotts 20 In. Green Classic Reel Mower

"20 in. cutting width for largest mowing path. 1 in. to 3 in. cutting height range with quick-snap height adjustment. Dual wheel tracking system for easy maneuvering. Loop style handle with cushioned grip. Safe, low maintenance, easy storage and non-polluting."

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Great States Corp. 14 In. Scotts Turf Reel Mower

"14 In. Cutting width, with 1/2 In. to 1-1/2 In. cutting height range. 8 1/2 In. wheels with four blade reel assembly. Lightweight, easy to use and store. Ball bearing reel assembly with heat treated, tempered alloy steel blades and cutter bar."

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Great States Corp. 16 In. Specialty 7-Blade Reel Mower

"Designed specifically for low-growing, creeping grasses. With a 7- blade ball bearing reel assembly. 10 In. Durable composite wheels with radial tread tires. Comfortable flared "T" style handle with cushined grips. Heat treated, tempered alloy steel blades and cutter bar. 1 In. Welded torision tube frame with steel side plates."


These lawn mowers can be found at homedepot.com

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