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Raised Garden Beds & Playground Border Kits from Costco

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Costco carries a nice selection of border kits which can be used to frame a playground, or to create raised garden beds. These kits are so easy to put together, you will be able to set your garden up so fast, and the result will be wonderful. So no matter whether you want to section your garden off for play, or for gardening, Costco carries these sustainable materials that are also stylish, which would be perfect in any garden. Costco is also great to check out if you're looking for any other garden needs such as outdoor furniture, structures or tools. 

Playground Border Kit - 64'

"Scenery Solutions "Frame it All" system is so simple to use and install. Your project will literally take only a few hours to complete. Kit comes with everything you need except the dirt. Easy to add on to kit in order to expand in shape, size and configurations."

Raised Garden Bed Kit

"Made of a combination of 60% UV-protected polypropylene (recycled plastic) & 40% wood flour from a sustainable resource. Designed to seamlessly fit into the brackets of the Anchor and Stacking joints for easy assembly. Attractive in touch and color, they are all-season durable."

These borders can be found at costco.com

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