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Pond Pumps Supplies from Sears

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If you're looking to create a pond in your garden, then a pond pump is essential in order to keep your pond clean and moving. Sears is one store that carries a nice selection of pond pumps and other pond supplies. Some of these pond pumps are very powerful and quite expensive - others are cheaper and more suitable for small ponds. So no matter what type of pond you have or are looking to create, Sears is certainly worth checking out, as their selection is wide and their prices are reasonable. 

pond pump
E.G. Danner Pond Mag 50 5000-GPH Pump with 18-Foot Cord

"This solids-handling pump includes an outer case that allows solids up to 3/8" diameter to pass through - excellent for use with a biological filter. The 1.5" male national pipe thread (MNPT) outlet also includes a barbed elbow fitting (shown) for 2" flexible pipe or tubing"

Oase Aquarius Mag Drive Pump Set 480-GPH with 2 Step Blossom

"This is a powerful, energy-efficient magnet-drive 480 gallon per hour (gph) pump with easily adjustable flow control and diverter. The Blossom Fountain Nozzle provides a beautiful two-step water display. The ball joint fitting allows the outlet direction to be rotated so adjustments for uneven pond floors are easy."

pond pump
E.G. Danner 515-GPH Statuary Pump in Clamshell with 18-Foot Cord

"This larger statuary pump provides 515 gallons per hour water flow and features a non-clogging built-in pre-filter to protect the pump from debris. It produces up to 11feet of lift (known as "head") height for servicing taller fountains and statues."

Cyprio Titan 800-GPH Pump with 15-Foot Power Cord

"These highflow pumps are for filters, waterfalls and watercourses but are specifically designed for use in a pond filtration system. Titan pumps are designed with a unique shape to maximize debris removal from the bottom of the pond while providing continuous, maintenancefree operation."

These pumps can be found at sears.com

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