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Pond Filters from Sears

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If you're looking to create a pond in your garden, then a pond filter is important to have in order to keep your pond clean. Sears is one store that carries a nice selection of pond filters and other pond supplies. These pond filters come in different sizes depending on how large a pond it will be filtering. So no matter what type of pond you have or are looking to create, Sears is certainly worth checking out, as their selection is wide and their prices are reasonable.

Cyprio Bioforce 500 Filter for Ponds up to 500-Gallons

"The filter acts as a mechanical strainer for debris and clumps of algae, removing these from the pond, but it also creates a home for billions of beneficial natural bacteria which digest pollutant chemicals in the water as it passes over them. This biological filter contains media with a large surface area to provide a habitat for very high concentrations of beneficial bacteria"

pond filter
E.G. Danner Skimmer / Filter System

"This in-pond Skimmer & Filter System is fast and easy to install: the filter rests on the bottom of the pond. No liner cutting necessary. Skims debris off the top, middle and bottom of the pond. Suitable for ponds up to 2000 gallons with light fish population and for use with pumps from 1800 to 2400 gallons per hour."

E.G. Danner PM2000 12-Inchx24-Inch Extra Capacity Mechanical Filter

"12" x 24" filter box with locking handle that provides easy access for cleaning. Includes carbon and polyester filter media pads. The polyester filter traps debris as it is drawn into the filter. The finer, carbon-impregnated material filters the water further. Activated carbon helps eliminate unwanted colors and odors."

Cyprio Vorton UVC2000 Clarifier for 2000-Gallon Pond 1000-GPH Max

"For best results, us this model with 1000 gallons per hour water flow or less. For excellent results in controlling greenwater algae. The Vorton UVC is positioned outside the pond. Pond water is pumped through the UVC and then should be passed through a biological filter (sold separately) before reentering the pond."

These pond supplies can be found at sears.com

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