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Patio Umbrellas from Macys for Bar & Dining Tables

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Macys carries a couple of nice patio umbrellas for bar tables as well as dining tables. These outdoor umbrellas feature different colors on the poles as well as the fabric - perfect when you're looking to match your outdoor furniture. An outdoor umbrella is so useful and practical during warm summer days as it provides cool shade as well as a decorative element. These types of umbrellas attach directly to a table, so it gives you even shade all around. So if you're looking for outdoor furniture, then Macy's is certainly worth a look - they carry a wide selection, with many good looking pieces.

Outdoor Umbrella for Bar Height Tables, Champagne Pole

"Don't let the sun get in the way of a good time! Made for bar tables, this umbrella provides ultimate protection against blinding sunlight, glare and strong gusts of wind. Auto-tilt mechanism lets you adjust the umbrella to the position of the sun. Air vents provide enhanced stability in windy environments."

Outdoor Umbrella, Black Pole

"Stay cool, stay comfortable, stay in the shade! This nine-foot outdoor umbrella features a convenient auto-tilt mechanism for blocking out the sun at any time of day. Specially designed air vents help stabilize the umbrella from strong gusts of wind. Pole shown in champagne finish."

These umbrellas can be found at macys.com

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