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Patio Umbrellas from Costco - Offset & Lighted

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If you're looking for a patio umbrella, then Costco is worth a visit. Costco carries a nice selection of patio umbrellas in various styles such as auto tilt umbrellas, offset umbrellas and lighted umbrellas, a wide selection so it shouldn't be too tricky to find something which works with your particular decor as well as budge (because many of these umbrellas come at really good prices!). Getting a nice umbrella for a sunny patio can go a long way towards making the space more livable and usable. Suddenly you can sit out there when the sun is blasting hot, and you might even be able to enjoy the outdoors during a very light drizzle.

These umbrellas are made in aluminum and wood and come in a range of fabrics, because after all, it's really the fabric which set the tone. Of course, you really should look more carefully at the construction of an umbrella before you look at the design. Metal is often a good choice since it's pretty durable, however wood can look really good. When you buy one of these, make sure it feels sturdy, after all you want it to stay in place even with strong winds.

Some of these patio umbrellas are quite large and would be large enough for a large dinner table with many guests. A lighted umbrella is really a fun idea if you want a nice, festive light when it darkens that isn't too harsh. It can definitely make the patio much cozier with some string lights on it, and it's perfect with one of these umbrellas which actually have it built in.

It's good to know that Costco carries quality products that are built to last for many years to come. You can often find really neat things there at surprisingly low prices: these Costco patio umbrellas for example are very good looking and quite affordable as well - quite a nice combination. So no matter what type of patio furniture or accessories you're looking for, Costco is great to check out, just make sure that if you find something you really like, you pick it up right away since you never know with that store if something will be in stock next week or next month.

9' Natural Auto Tilt Umbrella

"Automatic tilt market umbrellas offer the most popular feature in the nation: The ability to tilt the umbrella by turning the crank handle, eliminating the need to stretch over tables. Perfect for your deck, patio or garden, these umbrellas provide shade and protection for you and your family."

9' Hunter Green Tropi Shade Dark Wood Market Umbrella

"This nine-foot classic dark wood market umbrella is designed to provide you and your family protection from the sun while you are out on your deck or patio. Featuring a 1 3/8-inch diameter pole, a beautiful dark finish, and commercial-grade "quad-lift" styling, it is easy to raise and lower the market umbrella to meet your needs."

10' Offset Umbrellas

"Ten Foot Deluxe Banana Offset Umbrella is designed to give you, your family and friends excellent protection from the sun while you enjoy activities on your deck or patio. It has a sturdy powder coated aluminum pole extension arm and ribs. A simple hand lift arm and hand crank umbrella opening mechanism makes this an extremely versatile addition to your outdoor furniture collection."

9' Tropishade Lighted Umbrellas

"Perfect for patios, gardens or decks, this aluminum market umbrella offers ample sun protection for you and your family. It features oscillating lights with four LED patterns, a 1.38" diameter pole and commercial-grade "crank lift" system for easy adjustment."

These umbrellas can be found at costco.com

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